2016 Campinian Government Crisis

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2016 Campinian Government Crisis

Campinian citizens rally for peace during the crisis
Date25–30 August 2016

Staus Quo

  • Compromise signed between Elias and Shady Morsi
  • Shady Morsi abandoned his claims on the Campinian Throne
  • Shady Morsi becomes the Grand Constable of Campinia
Supported By


  • Commando Groups
Commanders and leaders
Elias I Shady Morsi
Dylan Buitenhuis
Maxim Leigh
12 22 (At peak)

The 2016 Campinian Government Crisis Populary known as Black August was a political stand-off between the Campinian Duke Elias I and the Self-proclaimed Duke of Campinia, and later Grand Constable Shady Morsi. It begon when the The abdication of Duke Elias I in favour in Shady Morsi, as reported last month, has been revealed to be a misunderstanding. After several days of mistakenly claiming to be Duke of Campinia, Morsi abandoned his claims on the Campinian Throne and became the Grand Constable of Campinia

The Crisis

The crisis begon when Shady Morsi joined Campinia as a citizen, five days later he got a meassage from Elias with the meassage "From me you may even lead the project, because I have not so much time." Morsi assumed that it was an abdication and proclaimed himself as Duke of Campinia and recruited citizens to join Campinia, Morsi established a parlement and a provisional army known as the Commando Groups

At the time Morsi got congratulations from other head of states, This is however until Niels of Flandrensis announced that Elias didnt abdicate, As on the proclaimation, The Grand Constable, Dylan Buitenhuis to "ask for proof" Niels sended screenshots to Morsi

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis didn’t recognized the new Campinian government as legitimate. However, Flandrensis is convinced that due the misunderstanding, the new government had no intentions for a “coup d 'état” and they repeated again that they should enter into dialogue with Duke Elias of Campinia. Flandrensis called on all micronations that have signed a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition with Flandrensis and Campinia to ignore any communication on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail from Campinia until further notice.

Due the international pressure, Morsi abandoned his claims on the Campinian Throne and entered into dialogue with Duke Elias of Campinia altough the Commando Groups leader Maxim Leigh wants to "Fight the Flandrensian fascists and defend Campinia from foreign influence" at the time the Commando Groups where mobilised,However Morsi orderd to dissolve the Commando Groups to prevent a civil war