Regent of Campinia

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Regent of Campinia

Flag of the Regent of Campinia.png
'Standard of the Regent'
Johannes Doorn
Style His Excellency
Appointer Council of State
Term length Unitl the Monarch returns
Formation 4 March 2017
Abolished 10 March 2017
The Regent of Campinia was a short lived position established in 2017 as a result of the Hertogskwestie The Campinian state was legally a duchy and Elias remained "ceremonial head of state", As de facto head of state, The regent retained significant influence through his constitutional powers and the loyalty of his ministers to the crown. Although his involvement in drafting legislation was minuscule, he nevertheless had the ability to ensure that laws passed by the Campinian parliament conformed to his political preferences.

On 10th March, Elias returned to his duties marking the end of the regency


If the monarch is to leave the country or is unable to perform his duties for whatever reason, he can appoint any specific person as his regent and the President of the Council of State will countersign the appointment.But if the monarch does not appoint any regent or cannot make the appointment due to his minority or for any other reason, the Council of State will nominate an appropriate person as regent. The Regent is elected by votes of the senators, If the Regent has more than 5 votes Than the President of the Council of State in the name of the monarch, appoint that person as the regent.