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Sultanate of Mustachistan (English)
Mustachistan Flag.svg
Official languagesEnglish
Islam (official)
GovernmentUnitary Islamic elective parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Sultan
Ali-Ali Achsenfree
Time zoneUTC-7:21 (Mustachistani Standard Time)

Mustachistan was a micronation in North America that claimed a large portion of the US State of Nevada.[1] It was primarily distinguished by a fictitious history and a war with the nearby Republic of Molossia because of a conflict over land disputes. After a few weeks of battle, Mustachistan lost the war to Molossia and was forced to relinquish Molossian claims. The two countries then had (presumably strained) friendly relations with each other until Mustachistan fell into dormancy sometime soon after March 2007.

Mustachistan had a space program in which it launched model rockets. One of these "missiles" was destroyed by Molossia in the war on the grounds that it threatened their security.

Fictional history

According to Mustachistanis, Mustachistan was founded in 1718 by Sultan Ibn Tutin. Tutin and his family then journeyed around the world searching for a place to live. They then settled down and went to war with Schlepistan, a fictitious country. After losing, the Mustachistanis travelled once more before settling in Nevada.

Molossian-Mustachistani War

Mustachistan's land was also claimed entirely by the United States and partially by Molossia. On 22 May 2006, Mustachistan declared war on Molossia. After a few battles, Mustachistan surrendered and signed a treaty allowing Molossians to keep their land.

Space exploration

On 12 November 2006 Mustachistan launched its first model rocket. This rocket, the Goatshead, was destroyed by Molossians.


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