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The United Republic of Arlberg, under the leadership of Chancellor Perry, was an influential microntion early in the year

2006 (MMVI)[a] was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2006th year[b] of the anno Domini (AD) and Common Era (CE) designations, the 6th year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2000s decade.[3] 2006 was the first full year in which MicroWiki existed, at this time still located on Wikia.

Taking place entirely in the "Foundation Era", the year began during the "Refounding" (18 September 2005 – 30 April 2006) period, a time of domination by the United Republic of Arlberg, which continued from September 2005. It dissolved on 12 May 2006, by which point Prince Jeffrey II of the non-serious micronation Satirocity had risen to the sole domination of the wiki in a period eponymously dubbed "Satirocity" (30 April–November). Close friends with Fabian Maximilian Schneider, Jeffrey was made an administrator in August, thus becoming the de facto sole manager of MicroWiki. Satirocity too dissolved in November, and Jeffrey became inactive on the wiki, after which Cesidio Tallini, an active editor who ran several community projects, dominated the wiki and community for the remaining year, and would continue to do so for nearly two years, in a period eponymously titled "Tallini" (November 2006–early October 2008). MicroWiki reached 100 articles on 9 May, and by the end of the year had over 555.

Political events

Notable political events in the MicroWiki community in 2006 included:

  • 1 April: Arrival of Cesidio Tallini to MicroWiki.[4]
  • 30 April: Arrival of Satirocity to MicroWiki, led by Prince Jeffrey II.[5]
  • 12 May: Dissolution of the United Republic of Arlberg.[6]
  • 11 July: Dissolution of Beardmonkeya.[7]
  • 18 August: Prince Jeffrey II is made the de facto head administrator of MicroWiki by Fabian Maximilian Schneider.[8][9]
  • November: Dissolution of Satirocity.[6]
  • November–early October 2008: Cesidio Tallini, an active MicroWiki editor who runs several community projects, dominates the wiki for nearly two years.[10][11]


MicroWiki hit the milestone of 100 articles on 9 May,[12] and reached 500 somewhere in October.[9] On 27 March, Wikicities (now Fandom) changed its name to Wikia, and accordingly MicroWiki's domain was thus moved to micronations.wikia.com.[9] A Portuguese-language version of MicroWiki was launched on 27 February 2006 at pt.micronations.wikicities.com by Pedro Aguiar, a Brazilian geofiction micronationalist, and reached 1,000 articles on 5 March.[9] Fabian Maximilian Schneider, the founder of MicroWiki who had become inactive in June 2005, made a brief return on 18 August to appoint Prince Jeffrey II of Satirocity as an administrator,[8] and thus became the de facto sole manager of MicroWiki.[9] On the same day, Schneider also wrote the well-known "Word from the Founder" about MicroWiki.[13] Furthermore, a user by the name of Bolsvandia created the infobox template:Nation, which became the most used infobox on the wiki until being replaced in 2010.[14] Other prolific editors included User:Lefairh (Charles I of Nonopartia), IndigoGenius (Cesidio Tallini) and Romgov93.[15]


Notable micronationalists in the MicroWiki community in 2006 included:

Name / born Image Micronation Role Span of influence
Jeffrey II (Hodgson)
(19 May 1996)[16]
Satirocity Prince of Satirocity; MicroWiki administrator May–November 2006
Perry Arlberg Active MicroWiki editor; Chancellor of the United Republic of Arlberg c. 18 September 2005–c. 12 May 2006
Fabian Maximilian Schneider
(5 December 1988)
None Founder of MicroWiki and head administrator August 2006
Cesidio Tallini
(10 May 1962)
Independent Long Island Head of The Tallini Family and Independent Long Island; creator of the Fifth World Council; MicroWiki editor November 2006–15 October 2008
Dan Beardmonkeya Founder and Supreme President of Beardmonkeya September 2005–11 July 2006
Carlos I Nonopartia Active MicroWiki editor; leader of the geofiction micronation Nonopartia August–December 2006
'User:Bolsvandia'[14] Bolsvandia President of Bolsvandia (proposed);[9] MicroWiki editor Unknown


Notable micronations in the MicroWiki community in 2006 included:

Micronation Flag Foundation Span of influence
United Republic of Arlberg 2003 18 September 2005[17]–12 May 2006[9]
Satirocity 18 October 2005 May–November 2006
Beardmonkeya None 30 September 2005 September 2005[17]–11 July 2006[7]

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  2. There is no year 0 in this numbering scheme.[2]


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