Jeffrey II, Prince of Satirocity

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Jeffrey II, Prince of Satirocity
Born19 May 1996 (1996-05-19) (age 27)
United States
Other namesJeffrey II
EducationManoa Elementary School (2004–2005)
Chatham Park Elementary (2005–2007)
Years active2005–2006; 2007
PredecessorJeffrey I
SuccessorNation dissolved

Jeffrey J. Hodgson Jr. (born 19 May 1996) – also known by the aliases Jeffrekit and Funkybrain (and variations of it) – is an American retired micronationalist who founded and later reigned as Prince of the jocular micronation Satirocity – under the title Jeffrey II – between 2 December 2005 and November 2006. He also served as an administrator on MicroWiki between 18 August and November 2006, in both instancing becoming inactive and departing from micronationalism. Hodgson is an influential figure in the early history of MicroWiki.

Early life and personal

Jeffrey J. Hodgson Jr. was born on 19 May 1996 in the United States to Christian parents Jeffrey J. Hodgson (b. 10 October 1959) and Deborah C. Podson (16 June 1959 – 7 November 2018). He has a sister, Victoria, who was born in 2000. Hodgson lived with his family in an unincorporated community in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which is where Satirocity would be based. On 18 October 2005, Hodgson transferred from Manoa Elementary School to Chatham Park Elementary, which is where Satirocity would be founded. Both schools are located in the School District of Haverford Township. Hodgson also attended 1849 school re-enactments at Federal School, an historic one-room schoolhouse located on Darby Road, which he immensely enjoyed. Furthermore, Hodgson's family owns a bichon type of dog, Emmi, who was alive as of late 2018.


Chatham Park Elementary, where Satirocity was based

Hodgson founded Satirocity on 18 October 2005, after transferring from Manoa Elementary School to Chatham Park Elementary. He was inspired by the Kingdom of Talossa and the Aerican Empire. Membership was initially excluded to "people who hated George W. Bush", however this was soon changed to be open to anyone. His sister, Victoria, helped promote Satirocity, growing the micronation to at least eleven citizens by December. On 2 December, Hodgson was coronated as Prince. During the 2005-06 Chatham Park National Geography Bee Finals, Hodgson proved himself an influential and eccentric figure at the school, growing Satirocity's population from 11 to 45. This also inspired several other students of the school to create their own micronations resulting in a boom, which in-turn lead Hodgson to found the United Chatham Park Micronations on 27 April 2006, in order to encompass all these new micronations. Hodgson celebrated his tenth birthday on 19 May 2006, which was treated as a monumental occasion in Satirocity. After late August, Satirocity started slowly declining and losing citizens due to summer break at Chatham Park Elementary. In November 2006, Satirocity dissolved, and Hodgson departed from micronationalism. On 20 May 2007, Hodgson attempted to re-establish Satirocity, however the idea was quickly abandoned.


Hodgson arrived on MicroWiki on 30 April 2006, and immediately became an active editor. On 18 August 2006, Fabian Schneider, the founder of MicroWiki who had become inactive in June 2005, made a brief return to appoint Hodgson as an administrator; he thus became the de facto sole manager of MicroWiki. Hodgson had several accounts on the wiki, with Funkybrain and Funkybrain2 appearing to have been his primary ones.[a] He departed from MicroWiki in November, following Satirocity's dissolution. By his departure, Hodgson had made over 391 edits to the wiki.

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