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Before I say anything else, I must state that all of this is true. While some of it seems fiction, it is all fact. Having said this, I hope you have fun reading the wiki article and hopefully join this fabulicious nation. God Bless Satirocity!


Founded on October 18, 2005 by Jeffrey Hodgson (now Prince Jeffrey II), the United Sovereign Independent Democratic Empire of Satirocity (in Satirocitan, Sawterastyan) is a micronation created by people who hated George W Bush in a movement out of the imaginary universe of Sillyocity. The national motto is "Why do we need a motto, anyway?" and is displayed on the constitution and our T-shirts. Its capital is Claremont Hill Home.


Well, the Satir part is obviously from the English word Satire and the ocity part is from the Satirocitan word realm of. So Satirocity means "realm of Satire"!


The territory of Satirocity lies in the southeast corner of the state of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. It covers an estimated area of 30 miles. The Empire is made up of six provinces:

  • Claremont Hill
  • Skull
  • Bradley
  • Wynneland
  • Gangsterville
  • Foodland

The oldest of those Provinces was Claremont Hill, when Satirocity was just a house sized speck. Now its borders are between West Chester Pike, Darby Creek, and Township Line Road in what used to be Havertown.

In adition, Satirocity lays claim to all lands located under the lithosphere as well as a chunk of the Atlantic Ocean, a chunk of Antarctica, and a chunk of the Surrounding Universe.

Satirocity has four national parks: Independence National Park, which consists of the Prince's front yard; Merwood National Park, a park in south Bradley; Paddock National Park, near the border between Bradley and Skull on the Bradley side; and Chatham National Park, the lands around Chatham Park School.

Economy and Industry

A few mills were estasblished on Darby and Cobbs Creek, but that is mostly it. The largest industry now is a bubble gum factory on Eagle Road. However, we are planning a change.


Most Satirocitans go t o Chatham Park Elementary, on Allston and Glen Arbor Roads. The first school in what whould be Satirocity is the Federal School, on Darby Road, a one room schoolhouse established in 1797 as a private school and became public in 1849. Satirocity has one library, the Haverford Township Free Library. The one college is the Haverford College. Satirocity also operates The Satirocitan Museum.


Satirocity, in the five provinces, is generaly mild, but can, in winters, go below 0F, and, in the summers, go above 100F. It has four seasons, w ith dry winters and wet summers.


As of January 2006, Satirocity has has about fourty people with more arriving all the time. However, the now obsolete Geicoland took a few away.


This country has a small but growing army, which has been directly involved in some war-games with Swatland and Geicoland, called the Satirocitan Wars.


I pledge to Satirocity, which I love. It has been blessed from God above. Hail this great monarchy! The micronation of Satirocity.

— Pledge of Allegience of Satirocity

Satirocity is a democratic monarchy, which is like a mix between a republic and a monarchy. The only two offices not available to the general public (right now) are the emperor (Spongebob) and the prince. Those two offices can be taken if either resign, are impeached, or die without an heir. Then an election is held in which the majority rule. (Sorry, no electoral college.) The Parliament and Senate have the most direct say on the government and laws, althouth they can be overulled by both the people and the emperor. The complete, 3,000 word Constitution is on display at The Satirocitan Museum. Satirocity al so has a number of political parties, including the Satirocitan Freedom Liberal Party of Oopy Boo Boo. Creating a political party can be obtained by adding to this arcticle's discussion board.


Satirocity has created the United Chatham Park Micronations, an intermicronational organization with a few members. Other than that, no other micronation has held diplomacy with Satirocity. To hold diplomacy, you must first say something on this page's discussion board. Then you will be given a fair trial and hopefully you will be reconized.


Any person can become a citizen of this grand micronation, even without giving up their native citizenship. You have to study for a test in which you get a good score you get voted on. If voted you may join, you may join. Almost everyone who wants to join joins. To join, say something on this page's discussion board.


1681: William Penn lays out land to become Satirocity

May 19, 1996: HFH Prince Jeffrekit is born

June 2005: David Wilds founds Sillyocity*

October 8, 2005: David Wilds turns 10. Satirocity begins as a revolt against Sillyocity.

October 18, 2005: Satirocity declared independent

December 2005: Satirocity gains Citizens

January 2006: Satirocitan Census Conducted

February 2006: Satirocity gains contact with Swatland

March 17, 2006: Satirocity starts publishing Satirocity Weekly

April 27, 2006: Satirocity starts United Chatham Park Micronations

Half of Swatland "sinks underwater"

Beginning of rivalry with Geicoland

May 2, 2006: Geicoland became obsolete

May 19, 2006: Prince Jeffrey II celebrates his 10th birthday—and his first on the throne

June 6, 2006: David Wilds joins Satirocity

June 7, 2006: Swatland falls altogether

May 20, 2007: Official rebirth of "actual" Satirocity

(*Note, Sillyocity is not a micronation. It is an imaginary universe. All history of Sillyocity is a work of fiction and has no base in reality. Any simalarities wth real live people and events are completely unintentional. This book is protected by international copyright laws. OOPS!!! for a minute there I thought that I was putting the clarification on a book and adding the anticopyright notice!!! Sorry if I scared you with my US government scary voice)


1:Emperor (Spongebob)



4:Other Members of Royal Family

5:Vi ce Emperor/Duke of Hazzard

6:Prime Minister

7:King's Officials


9:Vice President

10:Great Poobah Priest






16:Royal Knight

17:Knight of Blue Jay

1 6:Earl



1 9:Commoner

Important People

Written by Prince Jeffrey: I must acknowledge that some people have immensely contributied to our country' history. I shall list some here: Sir Robert Castellano, for plainly working hard and being the best Duke of Hazzar d; Sir Ryan Hanrahan, for providing me with many helpful hints and working hard at the job of Vice Emperor, next in line to only Spongebob and I; Michelle Goldschmidt, for not joining Geicoland even when most of her b est f riend s, includ ing Kylie Stetler, who co- founded the language of (with Michelle) Zibber Zabber, did; Sir Robert Disanto, for making the bold leap of being the first person to de-join Geicoland and rejoin Satirocity; Graham Wright, who helped Satirocity grow; and myself, for founding the micronation in the first place and is now HIS FUNKY HIGHNESS, PROTECTOR OF ALL THINGS SILLY, PRINCE JEFFREY II OF SATIROCITY.


Satirocity has a weekly newspaper, Satirocity Weekly, that was published first in March 2006. Satirocity is also planning to have a radio station.


Being that most of the members are in 5th grade, sports are very important in Satirocitan life. The national sport is satiriball, a combi-nation of many sports. Among the most active citizens play Chatham Park wallball at recess. Prince Jeffrey plays soccer at recess and joins Sir Robert Castellano by playing baseball in their free time. Sir Alex Mack and Sir Robert Disanto help make Satirocitan football popular.


ons nati laguaspral, the Satirocitan language, was made up by (guess who) the founder in December 2005 and is, as he said it, "a mixture between a Romance tongue and a Germanic slang". He also created the Ancient Pwarfadian language. Michelle Goldschmidt co-founded Zibber Zabber in April 2006. English, Pig Latin, and Elmer Fudd are widely spoken. Here is how to count from 1 2(to) 10 in Satirocitan:

one to ten

1. ons
2. twedas
3. tra
4. ketra
5. fev
6. sae
7. shetam ±
8. aktu
9. nodem ǂ
10. onsayre վ


Satirocity has a lot of good food. This is shown by the national food-taco and the national dr ink-milk. The region that most of the citizens live in is also famous for

  • Cheesesteaks
  • Pretzels
  • Satirocity Burgers


The only routes that go through here are West Chester Pike (Route 3), Township Line Road (Route 1), Route 4 76, Lancast er Avenue (Route 3 0), and Sproul Road (Route 320). Other main roads include Lawrence Road, Glendale Road, Eagle Road, Manoa Road, Steel Road, Darby Road, Burmont Road, Earligton Road, Brookline Boulevard, Mill Road, Ardmore Avenue, College Av enue, and Ha verford Road. See a lso SEPTA Wynneland


The national currency of this nation is the satira. Satiras are a form of paper money that's only denomination is the 1 satira. Most satiras are kept in the Satirocitan Museum. Fo r the most pa rt everyone uses the US dollar.


Although Satirocity has its own religion (Satirism), it was created mostly to unite world religions. Most of the state is Christian, with Muslim and Jewish minorities.


See Postal code for details.