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Fabian Maximilian Schneider (born 5 December 1988), also commonly known by his online username Monsterfurby, is the founder of MicroWiki, and was the founder and leader of the now-defunct micronation of Seraya.

Born in Hannover, Germany, Schneider spent a year in the USA in 2004-5, during which he founded the Sovereign Principality of Seraya. Schneider ruled Seraya as Prince Maximilian I, and on 27 May 2005 founded MicroWiki, primarily for personal use in recording information about Seraya and other micronations which had arisen in connection with it. Seraya collapsed in late 2005, and Schneider briefly returned to the wiki in August 2006, when he appointed a new admin and wrote his now-famous Word from the Founder.

Schneider then left the wiki again, and remained completely out of contact with the MicroWiki community until 2011, when contact was established between him and Sebastian Linden. It was discovered that, due to the IP ban which Linden's account was under for the first half of 2011, the founder of MicroWiki ironically had been inadvertently blocked from editing it, Linden living relatively nearby in Germany. Also that year, Schneider privately expressed disapproval of the Schneider Awards which had been named after him, disagreeing with the way in which they were used to insult some recipients.

Schneider keeps in intermittent contact with members both of the MicroWiki community and of the community which later grew up around the original MicroWikia site.