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Example of talk page diplomacy: the micronation Amokolia asks to become a member state of the United Chatham Park Micronations on its titular talk page, July 2006.

Talk page diplomacy is the use of talk pages on the online encyclopaedia and wiki MicroWiki as a means of initiating and conducting diplomacy between micronations.[1][2] Originally the primary means of communication between members of the MicroWiki sector between 2006 to 2010, it is now seldom used and regarded by many as informal and unprofessional.

Talk page diplomacy arose around January 2006. It was generally used as an alternative form of communication when no other means of contact – such as e-mail, SMS or instant messaging – was available. By early 2010, the use of talk pages began to decline in favour of the OAM forums – an Internet forum – and micronational Skype chatrooms, with its fate essentially being sealed in August. Since then, talk pages have occasionally been used throughout MicroWiki's history, however this remains controversial, as many regard it as informal and unprofessional. A legacy of talk page diplomacy was the use of the talk page of the Grand Unified Micronational article by said organisation to post updates and hold votes up to the end of 2020.

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