United Republic of Arlberg

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United Republic of Arlberg

Libertie, Justice, et Fraternity
Liberty, Justice, and Fraternity)

Anthem: Auld Lang Syne

Government Parliamentary democracy
Capital Grand Salle (official seat),
Germaine (administrative)
Largest City Vesper, Georgia
Liberty Day 14 February 2005
Official Language [[w:English_language English], |French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Bork, Bork, Bork!, l33t, [1]]
Working Languages [[w:English_language English], French, [2]]
Formation 2003
Dissolution 12 May 2006
Currencies Mark (¥), British pound (GBP or £), US dollar (USD or $), Japanese Yen (JPY or ¥)

The United Republic of Arlberg was a micronation located in the America. Its first and only leader was Chancellor Perry, who served two one-year terms.


Established as the Socialist Republic of Arlberg in 2003 to "escape the overwhelming stupidity of the human race:, it received its first real success when the Fourth Code, an early constitution, went into effect on February 14, 2005, later to be known as Fourth Code Day. However, problems in the code lead then President Perry to remove it from use and, on May 22, 2005, a new

The Chancellor's Seal

provisional constitution went into effect. On October 1, 2005, the Body of States (Arlberg's primary congress) was given the right to rule sans constitution until November 1, at which point in time they have to provide a new charter of law.

However, on October 18, 2005, the Body of States ratified a new constitution, which officially went into effect at 8:00 am on October 19, 2005, the day after the founding of Satirocity.

After discontent continuously strained relations between the states of Georgia and Shinnihon, the Johnsburg Confederation was founded in place of the United Republic of Arlberg, and the Union was dissolved.


Each of Arlberg's three states had an Emperor and Empress, who together comprised a body called the Empi. The Empi was democratically elected yearly during federal elections, and was forbidden from changing the election process at all. Each emperor and empress was a member of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. The head of the government was a democratically elected Chancellor, and the head of the state was the King (or Queen), who had very little political power.


November 2005

On November 21, 2005, the residents of the United Republic of Arlberg voted in a general election. The citizens of Georgia re-elected their Empi. Emperor Fogg received 88% of the popular vote over challenger Citizen Burnell. Empress Fogg-Chadbourne received unanimous re-election. She was not challenged.

The citizens of Shinnihon voted 82% against recalling their Emperor, Emperor Harvie, and 76% against recalling Empress Gross, while Amothos and Forbes citizens re-elected their Empis, all with 100% of the vote.


The people of Arlberg were hardworking and rugged most of the time, although they enjoyed parties, dancing, and relaxation. Arlos looked up to their leaders, but also understood the power they themselves had. Arlberg's citizens were considered to be among the cleverest and wittiest people in the world.

Arlberg had three "college" systems (called Tertiary Schools), the University of Apex System, Attucks State College, and the Republic University System. The latter, RUS, was a government run system and includes all the tertiary and secondary schools in Arlberg. UPEX and Attucks State were dissolved after the Union was, and the Republic University System is now Johnsburg State College.

A less conventional flag, usually flown only on Fourth Code Day

According to the last census, 96% of Arlos were caucasian, while 4% were Chinese.

There are approximately forty citizens in Arlberg. In the last election, 94% of the population voted.


Arlberg sits on 225 acres, and is divided into four states. Each of the states has its own unique land formations and conservation systems.

Tar Valon crisis

On November 22, 2005, the Chancellor was petitioned by Shinnihon Emperor Harvie to create a new state in response to what he believed was gerrymandering by Georgia Emperor Fogg. Fogg allegedly offered Shinnihon citizens land in Georgia so they would move to his state. Harvie, along with Shinnihon citizen and former Fire Marshall Stryker, moved to force Fogg to recognize that land as an independent state called Tar Valon. Fogg resisted and the Chancellor ordered that a Congressional Inquiry Panel be organized for November 27. However, it was found that the Emperor of Georgia had, in fact, given away a large portion of Shinnihon land and claimed it was his own. On November 23, the Chancellor issued an order that nullified the land deal. Georgia's newest city and almost the union's newest state had been declared invalid.

From November 23 - January 19, 2006, the Tar Valon Region has been under control of NERV, Arlberg's national security agency. On January 19, it was transferred back to the state of Georgia.

The next day, the State of Amothos became a federal protectorate. Stryker, a Colonel in the AESA, was the Provisional Governor.

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