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The Department of Security is a cabinet-level department in the United Republic of Arlberg, designed to help secure and defend Arlberg. It consists of two branches, called nerves, that help Arlberg remain safe and secure.

The current Secretary of Security is Commander Bott, who was appointed by the Chancellor.

National Security

Logo of the National Security Nerve

The National Security Nerve (the official acronym is NSN, but it is often nicknamed NERV, as its logo resembles that of the similarly named office in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion) is the largest of the two offices. It is responsible primarily for conducting security and police operations both inside and outside of the United Republic of Arlberg.

NSN is also responsible for co-ordinating the state police divisions (Executive Services.)

War and Defense

Although most Arlo states have renounced war, the nation itself has not and maintains an advanced army called WalkWater. WalkWater is an army of soldiers who are trained in mechanical warfare, much of which involves the soldiers (called operatives) controlling unmanned 'drones' in their place.


  • NSN is actually not related to the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, but because of similarities in their name and logo, they are usually associated with eachother.
  • WalkWater, which was formed after NSN, picked up where it left off, at least in terms of Evangelion association. Many members even created their own motto, along the lines of "God's in his heaven. Hell is free to break loose." (the motto in the series is God's in his heaven, all is right with the world.). Shortly after this was made public, it became the official motto.
  • Prince Freeman and Crown Prince John III were both former commanders of the Arlberg Executive Service Administration, a forerunner to the modern-day Department of Security.
  • Chancellor Perry is against the nickname DOS (Department of Security).