Tar Valon Region

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The Tar Valon Region is a disputed area that straddles the border of Shinnihon and Georgia.


On November 22, Georgian Emperor Fogg offered Shinnihon Citizen Stryker land in Georgia as a way to fulfill the citizen's wish of being 'in the middle of nowhere.' Shinnihon Emperor Harvie felt it was gerrymandering - an attempt to increase the population and electoral prestige of Georgia through redrawing town lines and soliciting new citizens from other states.

Fearing the worst, Shinnihon's Emperor petitioned the Chancellor to stop Emperor Fogg and, in the meantime, closed the borders of Shinnihon. The Chancellor responded by issuing Executive Resolution 112, stopping immigration between states.


The Chancellor then spoke with both Emperors separatly and reached a conclusion. On November 23, he issued an Order of Nullification, declaring the land deal invalid and unconstitutional. Four days later, he issued Resolution 122, formally declaring the boundaries of Arlberg, and Resolution 132, which included the solicitation of people to increase the population of a state in the definition of human trafficking.