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Shinnihon is the largest state in Arlberg, and home of the largest micronational city on Earth (in population) [citation needed]. The Empi System originated in Shinnihon. The postal code for Shinnihon is SHN.


  • Shintokyo, or New Tokyo, is the capital city. It is the largest micronational city in the world, with a population exceeding twenty residents. It is also the seat of the Rei Prefecture.
  • Barrington, formerly part of the city of Cambridge, is a suburb of Shintokyo and the seat of the Midori Prefecture.
  • Story Land is named after a child's theme park. It was formerly called Johnsburg, after King John II. Story Land is in the Rei Prefecture.

Fire Marshall

Shinnihon was known for being the first state to establish a separate office to deal with security and defense issues, called the Fire Marshall [citation needed]. However, during the Tar Valon Crisis, the Emperor recalled the Fire Marshall and exherted full imperial power. No Fire Marshall has been named since.

The Empi

Recall Election Amendment

In Shinnihon, unlike in other states, the Empi does not have to be elected each year, but must face a public recall election, which gives the residents the option to remove the Emperor and/or Empress from office.