Libernian Civil War

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Libernian Civil War
Date22 June

IMG 3951.JPG Rebels
IMG 4490 2.JPG Quartedilla
IMG 6049 3.JPG Wurtzemburg
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png USAS
IMG 3711.jpg Ruslandia

Escalante Republic Nectarine Queendom

IMG 4602.jpg Norvica



IMG 3176b.png Libernia
Lawdom of Pejaten
IMG 3647.JPG Sakuranomiya

Commanders and leaders

IMG 3951.JPG anonymous
IMG 3951.JPG anonymous
IMG 4490 2.JPG William Smith
IMG 6049 3.JPG Wurtz W. Paul
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Aaron Penyami
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Jonathan Gaellray IMG 3711.jpg Daniel Punuh

IMG 4602.jpg anonymous

IMG 3176b.png Jordan Rafael
Lawdom of Pejaten Rafael

IMG 3647.JPG Alex Ito

The Libernian Civil War is a Civil War that takes place in Libernia


During 22 June 2018, Libernia Invaded East Strada due to libernia's small territories. and since way back, Libernians had an uprising against the Libernian Government. Protests occured in Libernia causing chaos in the strada area. Rebels founded a new government for libernia and starts the Libernian Insurgency which led to the civil war. Quartedilla, Republic of Wurtzemburg, and various rebels joined in and fought the government which led to victory with the help of the United Southeast Asian States, Republic of Seveiria, People's Republic of Ruslandia, and help from others.


Libernian Rebels started by rioting, the most famous one was the Southside 2018 Riots which led the government to panic, after Quartedilla County started an insurgency, on 25 June 2015. the Quartedillas invaded Libernia's capital, Tabarniland. Libernia's capital moved to southside county, even though it was in complete ruins. Wurtzemburg County also declared independence on the 3rd of July as the world's first 'Nanonation' when wurtzemburg became popular and well known in Micronation Hub, nations started to help, including alliances such as the AMSSO, UNN, IATO, and the SAA. Most micronations also started helping since Sakuranomiya helped the libernian government on the war. the next day, July 4, 2018, following the declaration of independence of the United States, Libernia invaded the entire strada. During july fifth, USAS, Ruslandia, Seveiria, Norvica and others started pushing bacl. on 13 July 2018, The USAS and the Sundan Republic sucsessfully invaded libernia and officially declared the new government of libernia.


The map of the LPAG

Libernia's government was replaced with the Libernian Provisional Authority Government as of 13 July 2018. it is runned by the Pejatenian Government, and it used to include four areas: IATO % SAA occupied, UNN occupied, Colony 3 (Mondellia), and AMSSO Libernia. however, it has been splitted. During the dissolvation of the UNN, Norvica claimed the UNN Sector. on July 2016, The Mondellian Government declared Colony 3 will enter it's 'Districthood' as the District of Chlodia. AMSSO's Dissolvation made CE become the succsesor of the AMSSO and claims the AMSSO. and the only thing left of the LPAG is Southside County/IATO & SAA libernia. Today, some small protests would occur by libernians protesting about making the rebels of the libernian civil war in charge. And the Libernian Civil War was counted one of the greatest wars on the Strada Area besides the Sakuranomiyan Conflict and the current ongoing Southern War.