People's Republic of Ruslandia

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Pepole's Republic of Ruslandia
[[File:Flag |125px|border|Flag of People's Republic of Ruslandia]]
Motto: Hurrah, Hurrah, and Hurrah!
Anthem: "O Ruslandia"
Ruslandia People's Republic in West Strada Area
Largest cityMirlandia
Official languagesIndonesian, Russian, Ruslandian, Ruzreinan
• President
Daniel Punuh
• N/A
• N/A
LegislatureNational Legislature
CurrencyRupiah, Rusbel
Time zoneUTC+7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Second Ruslandian Republic
Ruslandian Empire

Ruslandia is a Micronation Founded April 21, 2018, The Current One Started on may 5 2018... It's Located in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


Article about Ruslandia Plagiarizing the UIS

on March 16, 2018 the United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia was founded by Aaron Penyami for Daniel Punuh, that Changed on April 21 With the Republic of Ruslandia... Ruslandia is a micronation all about equality and power... Ruslandia Signed the Treaty of Hallaway with Tanagogo to make the Strada Area Fair but the United Indonesian States lost all of it's territories on the Strada Area which caused them to invade parts of pejaten and Declare War On Ruslandia... even after the war, ruslandia and the UIS had some controversy, Especially the thing about Ruslandia Plagiarizing UIS... and on May 2, 2018, Ruslandia Declared war Again beacause of the Admin System of IATO they protested that was Unfair, Ruslandia currently is growing and is one of the Reigional Powers from the Strada Area Alliance... During May 4 Ruslandia Became Communist, and then became a puppet of the USAS to the Second Ruslandian Republic

Flag of Ruslandia

Flag of Ruslandia
Name Unknown
Use National flag
Proportion Unknown
Adopted Unknown
Design Three horizontal stripes of red, blue and white; three vertical stripes of yellow.
Designed by Aaron m. Penyami
Former Flag Of Ruslandia