Ruslandian Empire

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Ruslandian Empire
Kekaisaran Ruslandia
Flag of Ruslandian Empire
Coat of arms of Ruslandian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: 五箇条の御誓文
English: Charter Oath
Anthem: "君が代" (Japanese: Kimigayo)
Royal anthem
"Ruslandia, Tanah air Kaisar"
March anthem
"Ruslandia March/Battotai"
and largest city
Official languagesIndonesian, Japanese, Ruslandian
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Daniel Punuh
• Prime Minister
Joshua Salvator
Establishment16 March 2018 (Beruise-Indonesia)
2nd August 2018
Time zoneUTC+7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Ruslandia
Kingdom of Ruslandia

The Ruslandian Empire is an Empire that came from the former People's Republic of Ruslandia after Daniel Punuh saying that he would end ruslandia to Aaron Penyami when actually, Ruslandia Dissolved and returned into the Ruslandian Empire


The word Ruslandia is a mix of the word Russia, The Netherlands, and Ireland (Indonesian: Rusia, Belanda, Irlandia) in indonesian. however, the word ‘landia’ could also mean land of the. The reason why daniel picked Russia in the front of the name is due to the fact that he was inspired by Russia. The name ‘Ruslandia’ is still used to this day, despite the fact that he is now inspired by Japan.


Ruslandia started as the United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia in March 16, 2018. The Beruise-Indonesia era ended in the 21st of April in the same year. At that time, Punuh announced to Aaron Penyami that Beruise-Indonesia was transitioning to Ruslandia. Ruslandia would pass through eras from first republic, people’s communist republic, second republic, ruzreina, third republic, people’s republic, and ends up in the current empire.

When punuh announced the dissolvtion of the people’s republic of Ruslandia. he mentions that he would return with a new ‘ideology’ (actually a policy), which is imperialism. When Ruslandia was re-established, Ruslandia became ‘stronger than ever’. And so the Ruslandian Empire was established. it has fought many wars such as the Second Sakuranomiyan Conflict and the Nogo Conflict.


Ruslandia is located in Southern Jakarta, Indonesia and in the Strada area. it has connection to the sea through the Altenbürg River in strada. it has a rain season around Septemberr to March and a dry season from around April to August.


Ruslandia's government is an Absolute Monarchy/Empire ruled by an Emperor (Japanese: 天皇/Tennō) and has a branch of government known as the Departments and the Military.


Ruslandia's culture is influenced by the Japanese, since the founder was influenced and 'obsessed' with Japan