Kingdom of Ruslandia

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Kingdom of Ruslandia
Kerajaan Ruslandia
Koningkrijk der Ruslandia
Flag of Ruslandia
Ruslandian Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Voor vorst, voor vrijhijd, en voor recht!
Dutch: For the king, for freedom, and for the law!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Indonesian, Dutch
Recognised regional languagesRuslandian
Christianity (Protestant & Catholic)
GovernmentFederal parliamantary monarchy
• King
Daniel Punuh
• Prime Minister
Aaron Penyami
Establishment from the UISSL
• Declaration of Independence of Beruise-Indonesia
4 April 2018
• Establishment of the Kingdom of Ruslandia
8 June 2020
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
2.07 USD
CurrencyRuslandian eurolandia (RSE; €Ł)
Time zoneWestern Indonesian Time UTC+07
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Ruslandia, formally known as the Kingdom of Ruslandia, is an Indonesian micronation located in the Stradan Sector. It was established in 2018 as the United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia and was established in its current form in 2020 as a successor to the Ruslandian Empire.

Ruslandia is considered a superpower in the Stradan micronational community. It has been described as an economic kingdom known for its economically libertarian policies applied. It has been theorized that Ruslandia may have the highest GDP growth rate in Strada and is currently the fastest-growing economy in Strada.


In April 2018, Daniel Punuh decided to dissolve Beruise-Indonesia, declaring a transition to the identity of Ruslandia. Ruslandia he claims in the time was a made-up name combined by the words 'Russia', 'The Netherlands', and 'Ireland' in Indonesian.


Ruslandia was first founded in 2018 under the name of Beruise-Indonesia. It was made after the establishment of the UISSL to start a micronational community in Strada, and was established to be given to Daniel Punuh. Beruise-Indonesia was considered the strongest micronation in Strada at the time, being the most active, large, and populated micronation at the time. In April however, a transition of Identity was ordered by president Punuh to Ruslandia.

During the early days of the transition, Ruslandia was considered a controversial micronation after allegations of plagiarization from the United Indonesian States, False claims of power made by the Ruslandian government, and the provocative populism of the Ruslandian-led faction of the Stradan micronational community. The following incidents lead to the Ruslandian War. However, the following war came to an end after an agreement with the UIS which would eventually become close allies and partners.

Ruslandia by 2019 was considered to be at the peak at the time. The Ruslandian Empire was established under Emperor Punuh in 2018 and was considered one of the most powerful monarchies in stradan history. The Ruslandian Empire was considered to be a strong nation in terms of military strength and showed the early forms of economic development in Stradan history. Ruslandia also was a micronation with strong cultural heritage among the people, having a rich diversity of culture. However, the Ruslandian Empire would fall into inactivity in mid-2019 after the 2019 National Exam following the rest of Stradan micronationalism.

Along with other Stradan micronations, Ruslandia would stay inactive until 2020. Ruslandia was declared a kingdom by King Daniel Punuh and performed reforms on the system of Ruslandia, bringing Ruslandia to national development. At this time, Ruslandia experienced economic growth emerging from the economic policies that encouraged businesses in Ruslandia, building an economic libertarian state.

Politics and government

Law and Order

The Constitution of Ruslandia describes the nation of Ruslandia as a federal parliamantary monarchy. The position of the head of state of Ruslandia is held by the King of Ruslandia, while the head of government position is held by the Prime Minister. And the parliamentary position is given to the Rikskamer.

The King of Ruslandia holds a position of the approval of bills and command orders to the government. The Executive government, among of them is the Prime Minister, holds the position to execute law and order and to take action. While the Rikskamer is given the position to propose a law to be approved by his majesty


The Constitution of Ruslandia calls for an Economic-liberal capitalist economy. It has been described by many to be a possible anarcho-capitalist state. The government of Ruslandia has implemented policies supporting a free 'equal-opportunity' economy to encourage businesses local and foreign, big and small. By July 2020, the Ruslandian GDP has grown from nothing to 2.07 USD and has been pointed out as the fastest-growing economy in Strada.

Ruslandia's economic growth has mostly been generated by local businesses. Two major exports that have contributed to the economic growth of Ruslandia may include Education, Newspaper subscriptions, and Banking services. These three exports were distributed by many businesses such as: University of Strada, Kabar Royal, & Koningklijk Banke.