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The Great Norvican Empire

Founded by King Ellis The 1st. Norvica went by many names, first Nordainia then Gwent then after that it was Free Wales then Newport then back too Nordainia then Norvica NORVICA IS THE BEST The wars we been throw are not a lot but still kinda a lot. Nordainia-Slovack War Micronation Hub World War 3 1 MAN VS 1 WORLD Libernian Civil War Three Days War

Norvica is a strong nation with 3,000 soldiers and A MASSIVE POPULATION, Norvica can do anything. We also made a MASSIVE ALLIANCE called UNN it had 15 members it's still around today also you may of already figured out that where an Empire but one thing we like to keep the peace between people that's why the UNN was made. Thats all folks updates will come to this page soon

Allies- all of UNN

Close Allies- USAS

Enemies- VCS