Three Days War

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Three Days War
IMG 3710.JPG
Allied Propaganda
Date12 June 2018 - 14 June 2018
Result Allied Victory

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png USAS
IMG 3733.jpg Moldania
IMG 3711.jpg Ruslandia
IMG 3732.jpgSeveiria
Tuposian Empire.png Tupos
IMG 3742.jpg Colombusstan
IMG 3734.jpg Newport
IMG 3744.jpg Mondellia
IMG 3745.jpg Tatton
IMG 3747.jpg Aldrose

IMG 3748.jpg Republic Of Madea

IMG 3647.JPG Sakuranomiya

The Three Days War was a conflict between The Nationalist Sakuranomiya and all of the then Micronation Hub members.


On 12 June 2018, a coup d'état occurred in Sakuranomiya between Nationalists and Earldom Loyalists that triggered The Sakuranomiyan Civil War that lasted for a day. On the same day, The Earldom Of Sakuranomiya dissolved to the Nationalist Sakuranomiya and proceeded to declare war on all communists nations.

On 13 June 2018, Sakuranomiya invaded Pejaten Territory, USAS which was a success. Sakuranomiyan forces attempted to advance further to Nathania, USAS but were unsuccessful. Nathania remained in the USAS but Pejaten Territory has been occupied.

Sakuranomiya declared war on all of the Micronation Hub Members, including the USAS. People's Republic of Ruslandia attemped to sign a Peace Treaty that was rejected by Sakuranomiya, making them to start swearing. Mondelia, Madea and the USAS talked to Sakuranomiya and MEaMU members started to talk about Sakuranomiya and made plans.

Later that night, the USAS attempted to retake Pejaten which failed because of the president lying about surrendering. Then USAS, Ruslandia, Tupos, Seveiria, and Moldania fought "cyberly" with Sakuranomiya. Moldania then banned Sakuranomiya from MH for 24 hours and muted them. This caused more MH Members: Republic of Colombusstan, Tatton Republic, Aldrose, and the Great Newport Empire to participate in the "Plans for Sakuranomiya" group with other combatants.

On 14 June 2018, the USAS tried to retake Pejaten once again, the invasion plan was made by Columbusstan. This time, it resulted in an Allied Victory and Sakuranomiya dissolved, splitting into: USAS Occupied-Sakuranomiya, Seveiria Occupied-Sakuranomiya, Ruslandia Occupied-Sakuranomiya, and Moldania Occupied-Sakuranomiya.

On 25 June 2018, Nationalist Sakuranomiya Returned as Fascist Sakuranomiya, triggering the Sakuranomiyan Return.