Republic of Seveiria

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Republic of Nothing
Seveirian Coar Of Arms Maybe 1.png
Coat of arms
Motto: i don't know (Shpazharenese: Then why?.)
Anthem: "The Banner Of Freedom"
GovernmentMilitary dictatorship

Seveiria is a micronation formed from the ashes of New Deseret and the Principality of Gharazzi. When New Deseret collapsed, Seveiria was formed. It is in the Deseret Cluster.


When New Deseret fell, the president reorganized it into Seveiria. Doubling the citizen count and land. They merged with Gharazzi soon after.


They have been in the following wars, MH vs. Micronations Of Missouri VCS wars ( A series of 4 wars lasting 2 weeks, resulting in a Seveirian land claim in Ohio) Three Days War, Libernian Civil War and several others.

War Against The Micronations Of Missouri

Seveiria declared war on Ospiania, due to Ospiania being Fascist. Ospiania recruited the Ozark Stream Republic to help them. Seveiria convinced their allies Severin, the UVVR and Moldania to help them. They battled Cyberly, at a failed negotiations meeting. The UVVR threatened to send troops to the Missouri micronations if they didn't make peace within 36 hours. More failed negotiations went on until finally all nations agreed to a peace treaty.

VCS Wars

The first war occurred when the CIS declared war on Seveiria for not joining it in Micronational WW3. The other wars occurred after the CIS and UVVR merged into the VCS. The foreign minister of Seveiria started an anti VCS union. The VCS also declared Seveiria a state of the VCS, this was due to a treaty incorporating New Deseret into the UVVR. This caused war with Seveiria and its allies Kolechia, Severin, The Escalante Republic and the USAS against the VCS. The VCS ended the war by giving Seveiria territory in Ohio, but the USAS was puppeted by the VCS as a warning against future wars. When Viceroy Arces of the VCS mocked Seveiria for wanting land another war ensued. Soon several micronations determined to free the USAS from the puppetry of the VCS declared war on them. As Seveiria already had shaky relations with the VCS they joined. The war ended with the VCS freeing the USAS.

Government Reform

Soon the foreign\treasury asked for a promotion to co-leader. This was denied almost causing his demotion. This was called back and he was promoted. The nation was split into 2 districts. The north and the south with each leader managing one. The former minister took the south and the old leader took the north. Soon the VCS sanctioned only the south. The southern leader made clear that they were one nation, and this caused a sanction of all of Seveiria. The original leader made a poll on whether or not to demote the southern leader. Soon the poll options were changed to NO and Nope. This caused the south to ready for civil war enlisting the aide of the United Southeast Asian States and the nearby Escalante Republic. As the Escalante Republic supplies Seveiria with weapons( it has 80 airsoft guns and 2 paintballs) this would have been a fierce civil war. The south talked to the VCS who desired the split. A summit was held between Viceroy Arces of the VCS and the two Seveirian leaders. Viceroy Arces told them he would give his favorite district many prizes if they split. The Seveirian leaders faked a split and discovered the North was favored. But then suddenly out of the blue the Northern leader resigned. The southern leader took control of the entire nation. He joined the Blitz Pact and cut all ties with the VCS. Alliances with the Escalante Republic where strengthened. But he soon joined the VCS confederacy.

Seveirian Conquests

Seveiria did a 2-week conquest. It was large and Seveiria won against 2 nations but was pushed back by the Escalante Republic.

Seveirian Recognition Of Non UN members

It recognizes Abkhazia,Artzakh,South Ossetia,Taiwan, Somaliland, Kosovo And Transnistria.




It has many relations

Other Micronations

It is allied with many. its best allies are...

The United Southeast Asian States

Auslono Lambterbourge


The Escalante Republic

They have many others. We hope to be allies with thr Empire Of Vedistan

UN members states

It recognizes all UN member states.

Land Claims

Seveiria has land in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Canada, the UK and the US states of Ohio(Treaty After 3rd VCS war), Arizona, Utah, Montana , and Texas. Its Capital and largest city is New Saigon, located in Utah. New Rangoon is a former capital. They are in the Deseret Cluster. They're second largest city is New Abkhazia.


Seveiria uses US dollars.


The government is right wing libertarian.





Tự Do Chủ Nghĩa Dảng(Libertarian(Most Powerful Party)),



Democrats (United Southeast Asian States)


They are allied with many nations. Some of the best of which are, The Escalante Republic and the other Deseret Cluster nations, United Southeast Asian States, Severin and Landonia. They have the former nation of Enchantia as a province. They are allied with Norvica

Armed Forces

They have 81 citizens, 20 of which are in the army. The minister of science is a registered diver, and the only member of the navy.

Miễn Phí Seveiran Quân

The Miễn Phí Seveiran Quân(MPSQ) or Seveirian Free Forcess or SFF is the land military branch of Seveiria. It has 20 service members. Other citizens are called upon during times of war. They have aided several Seveirian allies such as the United Southeast Asian States.

Seveiran Thủy Quân Lục Chiến Miễn Phí

The Seveiran Thủy Quân Lục Chiến Miễn Phi(STQLCMP) or Free Seveirian Marines or FSM consists of 1 person. He is a registered diver.