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This glossary of micronational jargon explains commonly used terms within the intermicronational community, in alphabetical order. The following list is largely derived from the Micronational Dictionary, published by the Institute of Micropatriological Research in 2022.


A suffix applied to the name of a micronation's national Discord server; i.e. MicroWiki@Discord.[1]
Used to refer to a state in which a micronation or intermicronational organisation is actively and presently doing things.
An ideology in opposition to micronationalism.[1]
A bedroom nation is a micronation that claims a single room, most often a bedroom
bedroom nation
A micronation which's territory consists solely of a single room, most often a bedroom.[1]
Big Three
Ostensibly the three most well-known micronationalists to English-speakers—Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia; Paddy Roy Bates of the Principality of Sealand; and Leonard Casley of the Principality of Hutt River.[1]
bug nation
A derogatory epithet used to describe a micronation which serves no purpose other than being a source of annoyance.[1][2]
classical micropatriology
In micropatriology, a paradigm of micronationalism that places micronations on a two-dimensional scale between simulationism and secessionism, originating in the MicroWiki sector.[1]
community micronation
  1. A micronation consisting of numerous micronationalists within the same sector, especially ones holding dual citizenship in other micronations, or:[3]
  2. A hypothetical micronation that would be a collectively-run and managed project encompassing the entire MicroWiki sector.[3]
An ideology in opposition towards the Grand Unified Micronational, its policies, or administration.[3]
cultural group
In micropatriology, a stable community, like a group of friends, who share a common identity that provides the cultural basis for a micronation.[3]
cyber micronation
A micronation that does not claim any physical territory, claiming or being based solely around the Internet.[3]
A derogatory epithet for a one man nation—a micronation with only one citizen or one active participant.[2][3][4]
A derogatory epithet for a one man nation.[3]
extraterrestrial micronation
A micronation that claims extraterrestrial objects as its territory, such as a planet.[3]
An abbreviation for "in micronational life," referring to one's role in micronationalism as opposed to real life.[2][5]
indigenous nation
A secessionist micronation established by indigenous peoples claiming pre-existing sovereignty over their macronation, and not practicing macronational privilege.[5]
intermicronational community
The community of micronations and intermicronational organisations around the world.[5]
intermicronational law
A hypothetical set of standards, norms and rules within the intermicronational community.[5]
intermicronational organisation
An organisation composed principally of micronations—referred to as member states.[5]
A country, as opposed to a micronation.[6]
macronational privilege
A policy in which a micronation adopts or follows the laws of its parent macronation in order to avoid legal repercussions.[6]
  1. Clipping of micronation, or:
  2. Of or pertaining to an aspect of micronationalism.[6]
A prefix that denotes or pertains to an aspect of micronationalism; i.e. MicroWiki.[6]
A Microball comic
Micronational Polandballs.[7]
See definition of micronation
Artwork of micronations personified as moe anthropomorphism characters.[7]
micronational archaeology
The study of micronational history by analysis of what mentions remains of them on the Internet.[7]
micronational superpower
A hypothetical micronation that holds great influence over a sector or the intermicronational community itself.[7]
Micronational World War
An entirely hypothetical world war between micronations.[8]
Kevin Baugh, a micronationalist
One who runs, or otherwise participates in, a micronation.[4][8]
Broadly speaking, the study of micronationalism.[4][8]
A humorous term for one who devotes a vast amount of time to editing MicroWiki.[9]
Abbreviation for "micronational man of mystery," one who posts to various discussion boards within the micronational community under various pseudonymous names.[2][9]
model country
A micronation;[9] see synonyms for micronation.
motive micropatriology
In micropatriology, a theory or concept meant to supersede classical micropatriology by replacing the one-dimensional scale between simulationism and secessionism with a "two-dimensional chart—based on the political compass—with weakly or strongly ludic or narrative (left to right axis), hobby or achievement (top to bottom axis)."[10]
A micronation within a micronation.[10]
network state
An online community of action, based around the concept of virtual reality and the metaverse, that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually becomes large enough in territorial size to gain diplomatic recognition from a sovereign entity.[10]
new country project
A micronation.[10]
new nation project
A micronation.[10]
Five Glastievens during a night walk; New Secessionism was developed in Glastieve
New Secessionism
In micropatriology, a theory which holds that, though micronations will never be recognised as macronations and actively striving for such a goal is senseless, micronations may be used as a framework to provide services or protection to a small group of individuals and help build a collective sense of identity.[10]
non-territorial micronation
A micronation that claims no physical territory.[10]
one man nation
A micronation with only one citizen or one active participant.[10]
paper doll
A sockpuppet, especially one used for abuse.[2][10]
A sockpuppet used for abuse, such as electoral fraud, inflating a micronation's population or spying.[2][11]
parallel plane theory
In micropatriology, a position that holds that micronations and macronations exist on separate, parallel planes whereby their duties and responsibilities do not intersect or overlap.[11]
A nanonation within a nanonation.[11]
plush toy micronation
A micronation wherein plush toys ostensibly hold offices and can make sentiment decisions.[11]
postclassical micropatriology
In micropatriology, a position which regards simulationism as just as legitimate as secessionism, and holds that defining whether or not a micronation's culture is "constructed or organic" should be a key distinguishing factor within micronationalism.[11]
project nation
A micronation.[11]
The Republic of Rose Island was a seasteading micronation in the Adriatic Sea
The construction of a permanent structure at sea outside of the territorial waters of a macronational government.[4][11]
"The most widely recognised and accepted form of micronationalism, in which a state claims to be an independent, sovereign nation-state but is typically small enough to be ignored by the macronational authorities of its parent macronation."[4][12]
Broadly speaking, a community of micronations within the wider intermicronational community that share a common bond.[12]
serial micronationalist
An individual (usually not a micronationalist themselves) who applies for citizenship in several micronations at once without the intention of contributing to any of them.[12]
A derogatory epithet for a simulationist.[12]
An ideology within micronationalism wherein micronations do not claim or actively seek independence, functioning more as a political simulation.[4][12]
A smaller sector within a larger sector.[12]
A group of sectors which are closely related or associated.[12]
Talk page diplomacy is the use of talk pages on MicroWiki
talk page diplomacy
The use of talk pages on MicroWiki for conducting or initiating diplomacy.[12]
territorial micronation
A micronation that claims physical land on Earth as its territory.[4][13]
United Micronations
A generic name for an intermicronational organisation in eemulation of the macronational United Nations.[13]
wax cabinet
A micronation wherein all major offices and positions are held by the sockpuppets of a single individual.[2][13]
A derogatory epithet used to describe an intermicronational organisation that serves no purpose, is short-lived, unprofessional, or has no accomplishments.[2][4][13]

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