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Serial micronationalist is a disparaging epithet coined by Yaroslav Mar to describe an individual who doesn't have a micronation of their own (in most cases) but joins en masse the micronations of others, often applying for citizenship in several nations at the same time, without notifying of their other micronational citizenships and without an intention to contribute. Serial micronationalists may pose a serious problem to micronational leaders, especially when appointed to positions of power where the risk of a conflict of interest exists.

Serial micronationalists should be distinguished from bona fide micronationalists active in several micronations, who are open about their involvement in them.


The psychology of serial micronationalists hasn't been extensively studied, yet they demonstrate similar motivation for their behavior. Often they come from poorer countries and join micronations thinking it will help them relocate, without clearly understanding the difference between a micro- and a macronation. Others are title collectors and view micronational citizenships as "badges of honour", something to boast in their CV or on a website. Finally, some are likely new to the concept of micronationalism and don't understand why such behaviour may be problematic.


The ability of micronational leaders to detect serial micronationalists is often limited, as no universal database exists and the implementation of such a database would be complicated due to each micronation's data protection laws. Secessionist micronations, such as Austenasia, only grant citizenship to those who physically reside on the claimed land. Many micronations, such as Flandrensis, Karnia-Ruthenia, or Lostisland, ask prospective citizens to list their other micronational citizenships in the application and often ban people with multiple micronational citizenships from holding public offices.[1][2][3] Dracul and Westarctica require prospective citizens to undergo a citizenship course and pass a test,[4][5] while Lostisland uses an excessively long citizenship application form with 64 questions, in an effort to filter out applicants who are not motivated enough.[3] Other micronations outright ban dual or multiple micronational citizenships: however, these bans and limitations are only enforceable when the existence of another micronational citizenship is known, which may not be the case during the application process, if at all.

Prolific serial micronationalists usually become known to the micronational community, which may lead to them being blacklisted from major micronations.

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