Postclassical micropatriology

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Postclassical micropatriology is a micropatriological movement that Ives Blackwood suggests emerged in the late 2010s as an extension of classical micropatriology, including New Secessionism, the micronational compass and Brienovic's System of Micronational Classification. Important figures in developing the seperate ideas that Blackwood collectively labels "postclassical micropatriology" were Jordan Brizendine, Glastieven T, Zabëlle Skye, Ivan Brienovic and Blackwood themselves. Postclassical micropatriology focuses on defending classical simulationism as just as legitimate as classical secessionism (whereas classical micropatriology has treated secessionism as better than simulationism since around 2015) and regards the most or second-most important distinguishing feature between micronations as whether their culture is constructed or organic.