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United Micronations, abbreviated UM, is a generic name for an intermicronational organisation in emulation of the macronational United Nations (UN), although organisations bearing this name may have several different purposes. The name has also sometimes been used as a derogatory epithet, similar to "YAMO", and to a lesser extent a placeholder name. It is most common in the Twitter and MicroWiki Sectors. Most intermicronational organisations named the United Micronations are founded by new and inexperienced micronationalists, who are unaware of the name's commonness. Micropatriologist Zabëlle Skye estimates that over 40 intermicronational organisations have been named the United Micronations. According to the Micronational Dictionary, the first organisation to be called the United Micronations was founded in March 1997, and operated via GeoCities. A similarly common variant is the Organisation of United Micronations.


The United Nations (UN), founded in 1945, is the largest and most familiar international organisation in the macronational world. As of 2023, it has 193 member states. Prior to the micronations boom on the Internet in 1996, diplomacy between micronations was scarce. The commercialisation of the Internet starting in 1995 allowed for micronationalists to convene online, making the establishment of intermicronational organisations more practical. The first organisation to be called the United Micronations was founded in March 1997, and operated via GeoCities. It was strictly apolitical and intended to be a forum for communication between micronations. It had some twenty member states by July 1998. Due to its large size and prominence within the micronational community, no other organisation was named the United Micronations during this period. Snapshots of its webpages on the Internet Archive indicate that this UM became inactive by 1999, and a second organisation bearing the same name was founded in early 1999. Its website was online until October 2000, since which several organisations named the United Micronations have been founded every year. The first intermicronational organisation known as the Organisation of United Micronations may have been founded in 2009.

In popular culture

On 3 January 2020, Zabëlle Skye released a satirical single entitled "GUM DIS TRACK", which concerns a a young and unprofessional micronationalist who disses the Grand Unified Micronational as he is a member of the rival United Micronations. For a brief period, it became the national anthem of the Cupertino Alliance. On April Fool's Day in 2022, the Adammic Express ran an article satirising the name in which the Empire of Adammia allegedly joined an organisation called "The untied micro nations (TUMN)."