Kingdom of Auvenum

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Kingdom of Auvenum / Королевство Аувенум

FlagCoat of Arms

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Калинка (Snowberry)
Capital city Jyilzyem
Official language(s) English,Russian
Official religion(s) Judaism
Short name Auvenum
Demonym Auvenese
- Prince Russell Gilzem I
- Prime Director Nicholas Randouler (Jan 19, 2019)
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established 6 October 2018
Population 24 census in 2019
Currency Auvenese Ruble
Time zone EST/EDT
National sport Tennis
National dish Макарони По-Флотскы
National drink Kompot
National animal Auvenese Budgie
National export Vegetables (Radishes, Lettuce)

Auvenum Official Website

The Kingdom of Auvenum is a constitutional monarchy which has seceded from the Republic of Aenderia on October 6, 2018. Auvenum's head of government includes the King/Queen/Prince/Princess. The article varies depending on gender and family. The current leader of Auvenum is Prince Russell Gilzem I. There is no princess/duchess/baron because Prince Gilzem I has no mate nor children.


There is no sure way to understand where Auvenum (the name) came from, but like Aenderia, it was made up by Gilzem in his head. Ancient Aenderia/Auvenese (same language) dictates that Auve means freedom and num is a demonym meaning "land." After all, Auvenum did secede from Aenderia as a result of freedom from the Presydent at the time, Horatio Eden.

However, a more macronationally term, it was discovered that the word "Auve nu" means "they do not" in Romanian. Ironically, it best fits Auvenum's description and it represents the separation from Aenderia and its separation when Aenderia was overstepping their boundaries.

History and Education

Visit the main article: History of Auvenum

Auvenum has a profound history and Auvenese Education is expected to rise in later 2019. Such education will only currently cover topics pertaining to Auvenese history. Notable moments such as Independence, Gilzem Scandals, White Island, etc...

Auvenum also is very profusely skilled in History and is considered that Auvenum's history education will be very thorough and challenging. Auvenum's history educations pertains mostly of Global Studies, some Geography, and 2 years of requirement in Auvenese History.

Political Parties

These are the following political parties in Auvenum:

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament
Liberal Party of Auvenum LPA LPA.png Russell Gilzem Left-wing Liberal
2 / 10
Repub-Conservative Party RCP ARP.png Jay Clover I Right-Wing Conservatism
2 / 10
East German Meatball Party EGMP Flageastgermanmeatball.png N/A Centrism Centrism
0 / 10
Мульти-Микронациональная Коммунистическая Партия

(Multi-Micronational Communist Party)

ММКП MMKP.png Matthew Laptev Far-left Communist
1 / 10
Independent I N/A N/A N/A N/A
1 / 10


Application for citizenship has been officially opened as of October 12, 2018. It is required that you read the citizenship application thoroughly to prevent any errors. If you fail to comply with the application's questions, then your application will be denied. Application for Auvenese Citizenship

Prime Directors

A "Prime Director" is someone who is in charge of the government, not the country. The Prime Director is similar to a "Prime Minister," and their jobs are nearly identical and the only contrast is the title. Over the years, Auvenum has been through many Prime Directors and is once a year elected to term and has a maximum of three terms as Prime Director. The following is a list of the Prime Directors throughout the list:

Name Portrait Political Party
Maximilian von Schroeder October 6, 2018 - October 27, 2018 MaximilianvonSchroeder.png ARP.png
Jay Clover October 27, 2018 - December 21, 2018 A special ed kid named nick.jpg ARP.png
Nicholas Randouler January 20, 2019 - Incumbent NicholasRandouler.png INDEPENDENT

Currency and Economics

Auvenese Ruble
Ruble Example.png
Official users Kingdom of Auvenum
Unofficial users None
Pegged to USD - $1.00
Symbol A₽
Code AR
Plural Rubles
Banknotes 1 A₽, 5 A₽, 10 A₽, 20 A₽, 50 A₽, 100 A₽
Central bank Bank of Auvenum
Printer Auvenese Mint
Mint Auvenese Mint

For economics, Auvenum has several businesses and thrives off a substantial agriculture and fishing environment. Auvenum also produces exported goods and runs a line of cafes producing coffees and many different types of teas as well as many types of Russian baked goods.

Auvenum has many financial offices mainly located in the city of Jyilzyem. One such includes the ICON Cover Competition Broadcasting Committee (ICCBC) and the Kofyok Financial Offices (KFO).


The Kingdom of Auvenum currently only has one branch of the military but is expected to create more. So far, the Armed Forces of Auvenum. The military occupies 3 forts in Auvenum. One of them is located on Kamuda Peninsula (previously named Huj Island,) which shares a border to the west with the Principality of Duke named Jahzir Allah (arabic for Isle of god). Jazhir Allah is governed by Russell Gilzem and was visited by Tom Kap during Tom Kaps trip to the Kamuda Peninsula.

The two other “bases” are claimed to be located in the Robertson Sea Chain in Antarctica. After the secession of Kivaria, Auvenum was “left” with two of its islands, Voka and Kinatoure.

On Kinatoure, you can find the “largest city” and capital, Kirina. Kinatoure also hosts the fictional military base “Fort Mullins”, named after the lawyer who helped Gilzem win the trial against voter fraud in September 2018, and the current Attorney General of Auvenum.

On Voka you can find “Fort Gilzem”, the fictional military base named after the first Prince, Russell Gilzem I.

Administrative Regions

Auvenum is divided into regions and districts. Auvenum has only one district, and is thus the federal district of Auvenum, Jyilzyem. Jyilzyem is the smallest district (size-wise) in Auvenum, but has the highest population at around 80% of all Auvenese citizens presiding residence in Jyilzyem. (Yilz-yem)

Picture of Kamuda Peninsula in Jyilzyem
Picture of Nezabudgilzem in Jyilzyem overlooking the majority of the province with a white flag hanging.
Picture of Coastline overlooking White Island
A photo taken on Coastline overlooking White Island.


Jyilzyem has different territories and numerous claims located in Brooklyn, NY and are part of Jyilzyem. Some of those claims include:

  • Nezabudgilzem
  • Kamuda Peninsula
  • Federal District
  • White Island
  • Coastline
  • New Jyzilyem,(New Laos),(Annexed by Duke, and Then re-Annexed by Auvenum)

Kir Islands

The Kir Islands are divided into 5 islands, 3 of which have recently been reclaimed from the Kingdom of Kivaria. Two of those islands, Kinatoure and Voka, are the main ones with congressional districts implemented into regions. The other three islands are named Jir (the largest island) and the other two islands are unnamed but serve a scientific purpose.

The following islands are Kirinian:

  • Kinatoure (Main City/Capital: Kirina)
  • Voka (Main City: Fort Gilzem)

Most of Kir Islands is to serve a military purpose.

Name Flag Capital
Jyilzyem Flag of Gilzem.png Jyilzyem
White Island White Island.png Laptavia
Kir Islands Kir Islands.png Kirina, Kinatoure
Reclaimed Kivaria Kivaria.png Fort Clover

Government Departments

Auvenum has "departments" which are used to fulfill different purposes in the nation of Auvenum. The departments are accountable for managing a certain part of a nation, such as immigration or transportation. The first department was established November 14, 2018 and was the ADIC (Auvenese Department of Immigration and Citizenship). Prince Gilzem appointed Ethan Biles as the Director, or Minister, of the Department. Here is a following chart of all the current departments:

Department Emblem Director of Department
Auvenese Department of Immigration and Citizenship ADIC ADIC emblem.png Jay Clover I
Department of Transportation DoT N/A Matthew Laptev


Although the nation does not have an actual physical hospital, the only Trauma Center and the two hospitals in the area near White Island and Jyilzyem are:

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition

Auvenum Does Not Recognize

  • Flag of the Islamic State.svg.png Islamic State - Considered as a terrorist organization
  • Palestine - Considered by Government to be nonexistant and the land belonging to Israel
  • Andany - Rudeness and negative criticism towards developing micronations; defrauder; lying
  • New Nerdystan.png Nerdystan - Betrayed the nation by declaring war after scandal erupted about Russell Gilzem.

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
22 July Prime Directors Day A day commemerating one of the first heads of government, that accomplished something
21 September King's Day A day commemorating the first King of Auvenum on his birthday, It's similar to President's Day in America but King's Day is one day long. It also combines the idea of Black Friday with deals and promotions inking streets across Auvenum.
6 October Independence Day Independence Day celebrates the day that Auvenum seceded from the Republic of Aenderia (now Aenderese Republic) and formed into the Kingdom of Auvenum.
4th Week of November Between Monday and Wednesday Grandfathers Day A day commemorating your grandparents.
19 January Election Day Election Day is once a year to hire Parliament members along with Mayoral Directors and Gubernatorial Directors.
6 December Veterans Day The day commemorating the people that served for Auvenese military.
31 December New Years Eve Auvenum “Christmas Eve”
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year