Constitutions of Aenderia

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The Constitution Act refers to several documents in the Fifth Aenderian Republic which have been / is the supreme law in Aenderia. It outlines Aenderia's rights, government and other duties, depending on the constitution. The Constitution of Aenderia has been given multiple names, however the current constitution is named the Constitution Act, 2019. These documents do not have a long name.

Constitution during the Gilzem era

Reform Act
First page of the Reform Act.
First page of the Reform Act.
Proposed September 27th 2018
House of Commons consent given on September 27th 2018
House of Commons consent given at Jyilzyem
House of Commons consent given by Russell Gilzem
Amended by Horatio Eden
Purpose To set up a constitution within the Republic of Aenderia.

There were no constitution during the early-mid months of Gilzem's era. However, near the end of Gilzem's term, two constitutions were made, one from President Russell Gilzem and one from President Horatio Eden. Eden's Fair Aenderia Plan will be stated in his era instead of Gilzem's.

Reform Act

The Reform Act was written by Russell Gilzem in hopes to maintain law and order within the already falling Republic of Aenderia. It defines the judicial systems, legislative branch, the executive branch, and establishes the 10 freedoms of Aenderia. It was Aenderia's de facto constitution at that time.

Judaical System

The Judaical System was a branch of the Aenderian government in charge of justice affairs which was led by the Chief Justice. This branch of government was to be filled with at least 6 judges appointed by the President, those positions can also be impeached. All laws, bills and acts can be reviewed by this branch of government if it violates the Reform Act. ("the Constitution")

Legislative Branch

This part of the Reform Act was to set up the ALC (Aenderian Lawmakers Association,) the de facto legislation for the Republic of Aenderia. This association is tasked to examine proposals and to vote on any topics and / or proposals.

Executive Branch

This category contains the Executive Branch, which includes the Presydent (then-president), the Vice Presydent (then-vice president), Secretary of State, Secretaries of Departments, etc. This also includes the cabinet, which must be a selected official. Furthermore, cabinet members reserve the chance to be impeached. The Executive Branch is also required to make decisions according to their departments.

10 Freedoms of Aenderia

The Reform Act grants these 10 freedoms within Aenderian citizens. This is largely based upon the American Bill of Rights.

  • Any branch of government must not override freedoms by implementing laws establishing freedoms of religion, press, speech, sexual orientation, political expression, petition, and assembly that qualifies as fair under Aenderian law.
  • All Aenderian citizens have freedom of fair trial by an attorney and an impartial jury and judge not interrelated to the defendant in any arrangement.
  • All Aenderians have freedom of receiving fair punishment that isn’t cruel and unjust in any form
  • All Aenderian citizens have freedom of bail that can pledge at A$1000 and must not surpass A$1,000,000. All Aenderian citizens also have the freedom of parole. It is possible to be denied parole depending on the charge he/she has been acquitted of.
  • All Aenderian citizens, notwithstanding of province/district, have freedom of partaking in elections for government bureaucrats.
  • All Aenderians have freedom of bearing firearms that qualifies as fair under Aenderian law.
  • Aenderian citizens have the freedom to be rifled and detained by law enforcement only by permitted warrant for any charge of misconduct that qualifies as fair under Aenderian law.
  • Aenderian citizens have freedom of possessing cannabis (recreationally), Class A drugs (under prescription), tobacco, and alcohol that qualifies as fair under Aenderian law.
  • Aenderians have freedom of not being subject to enumerated rights that qualify as fair under Aenderian law.
  • Aenderian citizens have freedom of not being held to answer for a capital, or infamous crime, unless indictment of a Grand Jury. When in times of war and crisis, no one shall be held accountable for the same transgression twice in jeopardy of life or limb; or be bound in any criminal case to be a witness against themselves. No person shall be destitute of life, freedom, or possessions without due process of law. No private establishment shall be taken for civic use without fair reimbursement that qualifies as fair under Aenderian law.


The Reform Act also included a section to repeal unjust and unfair rights created before the Reform Act.

  • All people, disregarding current residence, have the freedom to apply for SE (selective) citizenship and NS (nonselective) in the Republic of Aenderia. Selective citizenship is open to certain micronations and macronations except those of which might be may not be recognized by Aenderia or perforated with corruption, terrorism, human rights violation, conflict, war, or extreme power. Selective citizenship allows people to seek refuge and live in a benign nation, which only permits individuals that are justified of receiving that opportunity. SE citizenship may also be received through asylum in some cases. Nonselective citizenship allows people from micronations and macronations that Aenderia recognizes to apply for citizenship with a 50% chance of acceptance based on the status of an individual. People applying for NS or SE citizenship must qualify as fair under Aenderian law.
  • All people have the right and freedom to change an aspect of sexual orientation. Aenderia will allow any individual (citizen or non-citizen) to have the following rights:
    • Same-sex activity
    • Recognition of same-sex unions
    • Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation.
    • Laws concerning gender identity/expression.
  • Aenderian citizens may have same-sex activity including pride parades and will not be affected by this in any way.
  • Aenderia will recognize same-sex unions and will enforce laws that protect the LGBT individuals against discrimination
  • People can wed with people of the same sex without any negative effects.
  • Aenderian citizens have right to change sexual identity including name, testosterone/estrogen, and the right of sex-change operation only after the age of 18.

Constitution during the Eden era

Fair Aenderia Plan

The Fair Aenderia Plan was an act drafted by Horatio Eden effectively replacing Gilzem's Reform plan after he resigned and formed the Kingdom of Auvenum. The only time that this act was mentioned was on the Daily Micronational. [1] Due to this, there has been no reports of it ever being traced back, and therefore it is considered lost media.


  • The National Court shall be the primary judicial body
  • The Aenderian Lawmakers Committee (ALC) shall be the legislature
  • The Presydency (Presidency) and other roles shall make up the executive body
  • The Presydent gains the power to appoint all members of the executive branch
Powers of the ALC
  • The ALC gains the power to remove the Presydent if they have committed crimes
  • Gains the absolute power to pass any law it likes

Civil Rights

  • Citizens of Aenderia shall be protected from discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender, and other factors.

The following information is based on a news article by the Daily Micronational.

Constitution during the first Efton / Lycon era

Reforming Aenderia Constitution

Reforming Aenderia Constitution
Title page of the Reforming Aenderia Constitution.
Title page of the Reforming Aenderia Constitution.
Proposed October / November 2018
House of Commons consent given on October / November 2018
House of Commons consent given at Noyan
House of Commons consent given by Nicholas Randouler (with help by William Efton, Andy Eftin and Haeden Eden)
Amended by Milaw Oakforrest
Purpose To set up a constitution within the Aenderese Republic.

The Reforming Aenderia Constitution was the main constitution during the first Efton / Lycon era (also more formally known as the Second Aenderese Republic or just the Aenderese Republic) and was written by Aenderia Reform member Nicholas Randouler with help from Vice President William Efton and Centrist Party of Aenderia members Andy Eftin and Haeden Eden.


The citizens of Aenderia shall have a unified government, a unified culture, and a unified likeness for the nation. All are welcome to our glorious nation for seeking refuge in their home macronation, wishing to enter into politics or to meet new people. All are welcome unless proven guilty of high crime in the Aenderian court.

Nicholas Randouler, 2018


This chapter sets up the executive office, its cabinet, the presidential powers, elections, requirements to vote, requirements to attain the office of President, the Vice President's role, campaigning rules and statehood.


The cabinet shall be appointed by the executive office and shall include the

  • Secretary of Culture
  • Secretary of Finance
  • Secretary of Internal Fraud and Security
  • Secretary of State and Press

The Reforming Aenderia Constitution guarantees that the president shall be elected every 4 months and that the presidential role maybe impeached. Furthermore, it lists out the requirements to vote which are:

  • Must be a citizen for over 5 days - week
  • Must be above the age of 9

and the requirements to hold the office of president:

  • Must not be the Head of State of another nation
  • Must have been a citizen for over a month
  • Must have good knowledge of the History of Aenderia (although rarely enforced)
Vice President

The Vice President of Aenderia is apart of the Executive Office and is the head of government of Aenderia, as well as the speaker over the House of Electors. (now House of Commons)


This section includes all the guidelines to be followed when campaigning for an elected office, which includes:

  • President most be chosen through their part and a valid member of the party which identifies with them for over 10 days.
  • Can make 6 campaign speeches (an exception to debates)
  • Can not personally ask for votes
  • Campaign will have 2 debates (Vice President will have 1.)

This section list out the powers of a state within Aenderia, and the requirements to establish a state, which includes:

  • A valid citizen of Aenderia
  • Which includes a governor, a small House of State (which operate with the same guidelines of the House of Electors or federal government)

This section also includes the capital of Aenderia, which will be chosen on where the President is located.

Legislative Branch