Tran Dan University

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Trần Dần University
1st University of Aenderia

Based In / Headquarters Point Cupertino, Aenderia
  • Chau Khang
  • Daniel Lee
  • William Efton
  • Jayden Lycon
  • Tony Sweigart
– Founded June 30, 2019

The Trần Dần University (TDU) is a university located in Aenderia. Established in 2019, it is the country's first-ever private education institution and is comprised of three major sections: the Political Academy, the Pomology Academy, and the Administration. It is named in honor of the late Vietnamese poet Trần Dần, and dedicated to a political activist of the same name in the United States.

The university hopes to begin its first classes in the near future.


There are currently 4 classes being offered at Trần Dần:

There is no health units being sanctioned nor taught in Tran Dan University. Health is a not popular subject and the government will cut the funding to the university if it ever does any health units.