Tran Dan University

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Trần Dần University
1st University of Aenderia
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Based In / Headquarters Point Cupertino, Aenderia
  • Chau Khang
  • Daniel Lee
  • William Efton
  • Jayden Lycon
  • Tony Sweigart
– Founded June 30, 2019


The Trần Dần University (TDU) is a university in Aenderia and is the country's first ever private education institution, and is comprised of three major sections: the Political Academy, the Pomology Academy, and the Administration. It is named in honor of the late Vietnamese poet Trần Dần, and dedicated to a political activist of the same name in the United States.

The university hopes to begin its first classes in the near future but has not been mentioned since August.


There are currently 4 classes being offered at Trần Dần:

There is no health units being sanctioned nor taught in Tran Dan University. Health is a not popular subject and the government will cut the funding to the university if it ever does any health units.