Aenderian Coast Guard

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Aenderian Coast Guard
Active 15 June 2019 - present
Country AendereseFlag.png Fifth Aenderian Republic
Flag of Iustus.svg Empire of Iustus (De facto)
Type Coast Guard
Size 1 (2 under construction)
Headquarters Noyan
Motto Où les routes nous mènent, nous nous battons. Where routes lead us, we fight.
Colors Black, red
March Heart of Oak
Engagements Ellesmereexpedition2.png Ellesmere Expedition
Highlandexpedition2.png Highland Expeditions
President Jayden Lycon
Minister of National Defence and Solicitor General Vacant
Naval Ensign Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Racing Stripe CoastGuardStripe.png

The Aenderian Coast Guard is the coast guard of Aenderia. It was de facto created with the building of SV Niantic on June 2019. The Coast Guard is tasked with navigation between Aenderian and Canadian waters, to protect borders between Canada, and to address transportation issues within rivers bordering Aenderia. The Coast Guard only operates in parts of East Highland Creek Trail, which border Aaron Island, Noyan, and Point Cupertino. It also de facto operates in the Territory of Canso-Frontenac, apart of the Empire of Iustus.

Rank insignia

Flag of the United Kingdom.png Aenderian Coast Guard
Rank Commander in Chief and President Admiral and Minister of National Defence and Solicitor General Captain Lieutenant Cadet
NATO Equivalent Code OF-10 OF-9 OF-6 OF-1 Student Officer
Insignia ACGCommanderinChief.png ACGMinister.png ACGCap.png ACGLt.png ACGcadet.png


During June - November 2019, the Coast Guard did not use a port, instead relying on temporary shallow river levees to dock their boats. On November 2019, there were plans to build a small port and a small maintenance center in Point Cupertino or Noyan.


All units are based in Noyan.

  • 1st Coast Guard Battalion, Northern Flight (1CGB NF)
    • Unnamed Light Aircraft Carrier
  • 2nd Coast Guard (Reserve) Battalion, Maple Protect (2CGRB MP)