Sovereign Kingdom of Humberlea

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Sovereign Kingdom of Humberlea
Coat of arms
Motto: Long live Humberlea
StatusConstituent of Mediolaurentia
LocationToronto, Ontario
and largest city
Fort Emery
Official languages
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Nicholas Lokin
• Prime Minister
Seán O'Neill-Dagda
LegislatureParliament of Humberlea
• Founding
14 December 2019
• First Constitution Ratified
4 May 2021
• Membership in Mediolaurentia
7 January 2023
• Current Consitution
27 July 2023
• 2023 census
  • 102 Total
  • 42 Metropolitan citizens
  • 60 Extraterritorial citizens
CurrencyCanadian dollar (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST-4)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-4 (EDT-3)
Preceded by

Humberlea, officially the Sovereign Kingdom of Humberlea, is a micronation that is located in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded on 14 December 2019 by Nicholas Lokin. According to numbers from 2021, the Kingdom has approximately sixty-five citizens. On 7 January 2023, it joined the High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia.


The name Humberlea comes from the community which is bordered by the Humber River. The place in question, which was a lea, meaning flat grassy area, forms the name Humberlea. The name Humber comes from a coastal area in Northern England which comes from Celtic, the word means is theorized to mean "coming together".


Commonwealth Era

The Commonwealth Era of Humberlea was a time which can be primarily narrowed down to strife and instability. Through it attempting to gain ground and formulate a national identity, multiple nations attempted to use it as a puppet in larger conflicts. Most notably of which when Matachewan and Etukan flooded the country with their citizens in an attempt to gain a majority population, similar to Bleeding Kansas.

Start of the Nation

The start of Humberlea occured when the Matachewan Commonwealth decided it would need an outpost within Toronto in order to prevent an open route for Etukaran Raids to enter Matachewan, such as during the Niagara-Etukan War in late 2019. Matachewan's homeland was directly threatened, forcing a peace deal favoring Etukan to be signed by the two. The leader of this outpost was decided to be Nicholas Lokin, with the name Humberlea being chosen by Nicholas. A few days later, he was announced as King of Humberlea on 14 December 2019 under the Matachewan Commonwealth. However, immediately after the creation would encounter multiple issues. One such being that the initial claim overlapped with the Etukan Colony of Niagara (which was established after the Niagara-Etukan War). Although the claims were very heavily simulationist, Humberlea opted to choose a small deal proposed by Etukan. This vastly limited the initial (but simulationist) claim of the micronation which it intended to originally have.

Yedinist and Matachewanian Immigration

With Humberlea's main purpose being a commonwealth state, it had notable levels of influence within the commonwealth. However, this detail posed multiple issues with both Liberal, Conservative and Yedinist politicians wishing to gain control in the new country via the influx of citizens. Most notably, Zech O'Hair of the Yedinists wished to gain a foothold in Humberlea due to his reevoking of his Matachewanian citizenship by the Matachewan Government. This led to him flooding the country with friends to help prop him up as Prime Minister, something pro-Matachewanians disliked heavily. Through this immigration, O'Hair gained new levels of power in the small country, even being made Prime Minister. This resulted in Matachewan choosing to do the same and invite their own citizens to compete with the growing Etukaran and New Prussian populations. By the end, this would result in a staunch population divide between pro-O'Hair citizens and pro-Matachewan citizens.

Resurgence Day (January 2020 Election)

Due to a massive divide in the population, a large political stalemate occurred. Multiple fights broke out within discord channels, parliament was fracturing and counter proposals to passed acts were occurring regularly. By most the largest increase of tension was the banning of multiple pro-Matachewan members by O'Hair. This would result in oncoming tensions hitting a maximum during the January General Election campaign. Throughout all of this, a figure had began rising on the Matachewanian side. This figure was known as Yuriy Aleksander (now Kris Latzke). With the January election occurring, more Yedinists and Matachewanians (now often referred to as Loyalists) were joining then ever. However Matachewanians would eventually win the vote, with Aleksander taking 66.7% of the vote. Upon realizing he had lost, O'Hair demanded the removal of a significant Matachewan figure, Chris Ramsay from his post as Speaker when appointed by Aleksander. Being denied, O'Hair responded by deleted all possible discord channels which he could. Upon returning, King Nicholas immediately banned him from the discord server. All members which seemingly even remotely supported O'Hair had their permissions also immediately removed. This resulted in an essential purge of all Yedinists leaving a thorough Matachewanian majority. Afterwards, Humberlea united as one, began to rebuild the discord server. This would eventually be declared a national holiday by King Nicholas called Resurgence Day. However after the election and the server had been rebuilt, Humberlea fell into a period of inactivity and as did the Commonwealth as a whole.

End of the Commonwealth

In an ironic twist of fate, nearly immediately after O'Hair departed, the Matachewan Commonwealth began to decline. Ater trying to get the Matachewan Commonwealth active again with continuous failures, multiple figures including King Nicholas and Emperor Brandon unanimously agreed it was time for the Commonwealth to end. On February 12th 2020, the Matachewan Commonwealth was informally dissolved, leaving Humberlea as a fully independent nation. This would appear to spark activity after within the population after a statement made by King Nicholas about the subject, resulting in the start of a new era for the upcoming kingdom.

Kingdom Era

The Latter-Kingdom Era of Humberlea was a heavily important time in its history. It resulted in the proper formulation of a national identity after the death of the Commonwealth. This national image would end with Humberlea (in its view) standing as an independent regional power within the larger Cupertino and Greater Toronto - Kingston sectors.

Ad during the June election made by the Humberlea-Matachewan Party.

Image Post-Commonwealth

With an independent country, the main issue at hand came what was its identity. The primary reason for creation was an outpost to a now non-existent threat whilst no longer being an outpost. This became the central point of debate during the upcoming April 2020 and June 2020 elections. Throughout the campaign of the April election, two sides formed. Those who wished to make closer ties with Matachewan (Humberlean-Matachewan Front or HMF) and those who wished to pursue a separate Humberlean identity or maintain the status quo (Loyalist Party). Since a majority of the Loyalist Party was pro-status quo and also left wing, the Loyalist-HMF debate eventually became left wing vs right wing politics. Both sides came ahead with former Commonwealth Emperor Brandon Mierzwa representing the HMF (and the third party Nationalist Humberlean Front or NHF) and incumbent the Kris Latzke representing the Loyalist Party. Eventually, Loyalist supporters would come out on top in a very narrow win in April. This would have large ramifications in the future as it meant Humberlea would grow in further distance from Matachewan, forging its own identity. This would include the wider adoption of the northern cardinal as a national symbol and further development of its own currency, the Humberlean Narto. During the short electoral break, the Green Party would be formed and later dissolved. Although soon after its dissolution, the campaign period for the June 2020 parliament election would begin. This would include some changes though. On the left side of the spectrum, the Loyalist Party reformed into the Centrist-Monarchist Party (CMP) with the addition of two new parties (Humberlean Socialist Union). On the right side of the political spectrum, the Humberlean-Matachewan Party reformed into the Humberlea-Matachewan Party (HMP) and the Conservative Party splintered off from it. Despite that, results did not majorly change and all that occurred was the CMP gaining a seat from the NHF.

Departure of Latzke and the Start of Kümmel's Term

Shortly after renaming the CMP to the Progressive-Monarchist Party (PMP), Latzke announced they were retiring from Humberlean politics. Through this retirement came a new leader for the PMP, Johann Kümmel. Meanwhile on the other side of the political spectrum, Brandon Mierzwa opted to run for Prime Minister once again. This bid on Mierzwa's end would once again fail in the July election, resulting in Kümmel becoming the third Prime Minister of Humberlea. Notably, this would be the final time Mierwza would run for Prime Minister. Kümmel's term as Prime Minister would largely be dominated by the lack of involvement by Kümmel himself, furthering diplomatic affairs with organizations like the Cupertino Alliance and to the latter end, expanding local involvement. The first controversial issue throughout the term would be the Consitution Dispute. It occurred when multiple members of parliament were opposed to King Nicholas I enforcing himself being the sole official on a constitutional committee. It later ended when the job was given to Mierzwa by him and Mierzwa formed the first constitutional tribunal in Humberlea. Although the tribunal would not achieve a finished consitution, it posed an example on what to do and what not to do for future committees and commissions.

Image of Lycon (on the left) and Lokin (on the right) from the summit.

2020 Humberlea-Cupertino Summit

In mid-June 2020, talks of a possible summit between Aenderia and Humberlea began after King Nicholas I proposed the idea to Jayden Lycon. This would later culminate with a wider plan of a summit between the Cupertino Alliance and Humberlea. Although the original plan was to meet at an IKEA near Leslie subway station and later Bessarion station, the location was eventually chosen as being the North York Civic Centre. Additionally, Matachewan was also planned to attend which led to summit delays but eventually dropped out due to scheduling concerns. The summit would end up being on the 29th of July 2020 and would push a already growing massive shift in Humberlean foreign policy. This policy would be to obtain membership within the Cupertino Alliance, which had the endorsement of the at the time chair Lycon. This would eventually culminate with Humberlean membership within the alliance on the 20th of August 2020 after ratifying the necessary documents. Humberlea would later prove to be in modern day the second oldest current member of the alliance (through Mediolaurentia). The some traded items at the summit (two miniature ships) would however be later criticized as "serving no logistical purpose" due to not using durable materials among other issues with the design.

Greater Localization

Towards the end of the Kümmel term, local citizens began to become more active in the internal politics of the nation. This would include citizens like Jesse Maraj at first but later grow into citizens among the likes of Beau Alexandria and Phillip Johnnasan, future Prime Ministers. Throughout all of this began the September 2020 elections. By the end, the only the main change would result in the essential collapse of the HMP's dominance in parliament. The September-October term would not see many things occur aside from the massive spike in the local population and growth of support for more local candidates. Towards the begin of the campaign period for the October 2020 election after Kümmel made it clear he wasn't running for re-election, both Alexandria and Johnnasan would grow in popularity as candidates along with Charles Slocum. Eventually, Alexandria would grow to be the left leaning candidate, Johnnasan the centrist and Slocum the right leaning candidate (as apart of the NHF). Alexandria and Johnnasan would eventually be the front running candidates as old globalist citizens supported them both. However, on election day Alexandria would eventually win in a landslide victory holding 66.7% of the vote compared to both of their rivals having 16.7%.

Portrait of Beau Alexandria, the fourth Prime Minister of Humberlea.

Alexandria Term

As I and the R. Hon Brandon Mierzwa are departing from the position of Prime Minister of Deputy Prime Minister, respectively, I would like to say a few words. Firstly, congratulations to Beau Alexandria for winning these elections. May she and her Deputy serve the Kingdom well. Second, congratulations to all candidates that ran for both Prime Minister and Parliament. Hopefully, next time, you guys will get a shot at getting said positions :) . With that, I, along with Mr. Mierzwa, shall step down. Long live the Kingdom, long live Humberlea.
-Johann Kümmel giving his final speech as Prime Minister

Beau Alexandria's term was largely met with growing local parts of the Kingdom and properly outlining issues within parliament. This included the adoption of provincial flags and furthering of local politicians gaining positions within the government. Although, the first half of their term would prove to be largely inactive. This included almost zero communication with the populace and leaving most duties to the Deputy Prime Minister, Max Phoenix, or King Nicholas I. Of note however, during this period the first Humberlean order was established with the Order of Loyalty. After the December 2020 election, it became clear either Alexandria would not be running for another term or would not be allowed another term by the populace. Through this, Phillip Johnnasan took the opportunity to become a front-runner for the future candidacy of Prime Minister. This would be due to endorsements from the party he had recently joined, the PMP, and by other parties in the country. Although whilst all of this was happening, a controversy hit Humberlea when the "National Socialist Humberlean Workers' Party" formed. What was clearly a white supremacist group was very heavily condemned by numerous citizens to the point that its members were banned from the discord server. Although a far more tighter election than the previous time, the January 2021 election led to a Johnnasan win over fellow parliamentarian, Charles Slocum.

First Johnnasan Term

I would like to say, farewell! I will no longer by your humble prime minister and I'm glad to have set an example. Don't be as bad as I was. There is always a low bar and I wish to be it. You'll never see me again! Xoxo
-Beau Alexandria giving their final speech as Prime Minister

Johannasan's first term would primarily continue the decline in activity from Alexandria's term. The only difference would be that an actual cabinet was appointed. The first major event throughout the term would be the attempted Humberlean-Aenderian Union by King Nicholas I. This union would eventually fail due to large opposition from both sides and would contribute to the death of the first Aenderian monarchist movement. However, it was not far off, as Fort Madison would later be fully integrated into Humberlea with Noyan as its capital. The only change being it would not be an equal union but rather an integration. Later on in March 2021, a name referendum would be held to either determine a new name or keep the current one. Results ended with most wishing to keep the same name of Humberlea, cementing it as the primary name of the Kingdom. In April, Humberlea helped found the Toronto Pact, an organization which attempted to foster development within Southern Ontario. Towards the end of the term, a consitution written by King Nicholas and Destin Rallis would be proposed to and pass parliament with unanimous support. This would result in the adoption of the consitution and the reformation from the Kingdom of Humberlea to the Grand Kingdom of Humberlea.

Grand Kingdom Era

Front page of the Act to Regulate Humberlean Citizenry

The Grand Kingdom Era would be dominated by the large scale inactivity which would occur. The only major events would be the May 2021 election, the failed adoption of a new citizenship system, the 2021 North York Summit and the slow admittance into Mediolaurentia towards the end.

May 2021 Election

As soon as the first consitution was enacted, preparations for an election began to be made. This would include the first time an incumbent Prime Minister (Phillip Johannasan) had run for re-election since the times of Kris Latzke. The campaign period would largely be dominated by the constitution sexual harassment scandal caused by Destin Rallis harassing the at the time girlfriend to a prominent official, Christina Nowell. The scandal would end with zero punishment being given to Rallis except him not maintaining his cabinet position after Johannasan's landslide re-election. Soon after, the "Act to Regulate the Humberlean Citizenry" would be proposed and passed in parliament. This new citizenship system was widely attributed with killing the active population due to quite extreme measures enacted in the law. Although soon after, foreign policy would once again take the spotlight as a second summit was organized with Jayden Lycon.

Photo taken by Lokin at the summit, posted shortly before Lycon took a photo of the same view to show they were indeed at a summit.

2021 North York Summit

After the success of the first summit, the decision to have a second summit was mutually agreed upon by Nicholas I and Jayden Lycon. The summit location was eventually decided to be Downsview Park due to it being closer to Humberlea. This was due to the idea of having three summits with one each year. One at a neutral location, one closer to Humberlea and one closer to Point Cupertino. This idea would end up not panning out due to Lycon's retirement from the community next year. Multiple treaties were signed at the summit and the Order of Loyalty was awarded to Lycon by Nicholas on behalf of Humberlea. Additionally, the summit concurrently took place with a session within the Cupertino Alliance. This would be the only time in Cupertino Alliance history to date that this would occur. Although the summit did not change Humberlean foreign policy as much as the previous summit did, it reiterated that Humberlea would continue to be active locally and in foreign affairs despite possible inactivity inside of the discord server.

The Great Inactivity and Mediolaurentian Intergration

Shortly after the summit, Humberlea was hit with the largest wave of inactivity it had felt in quite some time. Although it still remained somewhat active locally, in a global sense nothing occurred for over a year. The only few announcements were those from Nicholas I intriguing the idea of returning to global activity in March 2022. It would not be until late November 2022 that any form of action would be taken. A subpoena consisting of multiple citizens and the King was assembled to determine what to do. As the subpoena eventually collapsed, Nicholas I chose one of the options they had reviewed. Membership within Mediolaurentia. This was since on November 14th 2022, Alexander I of Mediolaurentia contacted King Nicholas I about possible Humberlean membership within Mediolaurentia. Although the offer was left dormant for quite some time, it was eventually accepted on December 19th 2022. Due to Christmas, integration would take further time then usual but it was eventually completed on January 7th 2023. Although not an immediate boost to activity, the move began a road of returning to some basic form of an active government.

Modern Day Humberlea (Mediolaurentian Humberlea)

Although nowhere near 2020 levels of activity, a visible return to some form of life can be seen in the modern day. This includes new laws, elections and cooperation among citizens.

2023 Consitution and Reformation into the Sovereign Kingdom

A few months after integration into Mediolaurentia, a Constitutional Commission was formed to create a new more effective constitution. Active members of the committee included King Nicholas I, Chris Ramsay, Carson I and Phillip Johannasan. The consitution would eventually be completed on the 27th of July, coinciding with Realm Day and a few hours before the first General Election (and Mediolaurentian Senate) since May 2021. The election would result in a status quo within the legislature, with being maintained of primarily independent members of the commons. Though it would have a change within the executive. Originally it was expected after the House of Commons results were presented, to have Phillip Johannasan be re-elected to Prime Minister. However Seán O'Neill-Dagda managed to gain majority support in the commons and became Prime Minister on August 7th 2023.

Government and Politics

The Government of Humberlea operates under a constitutional monarchy. It has three branches (executive, legislative, judicial) and two legislative houses (House of Commons and the Coronet Assembly). Power for all institutions derives from the power of the Crown and His Majesty.


Political Parties

Party Logo Political Figures Ideology Seats Held Date of Foundation
Founder Current Leader Cabinet House of Commons Senate of Mediolaurentia
Independent N/A N/A N/A
7 / 7
3 / 6
5 / 6
Notes The current Prime Minister (Seán O'Neill-Dagda) is an independent parliamentarian.
BIEW Alliance N/A Phillip Johnnasan Satirical party
0 / 1
1 / 6
1 / 6
27 July 2023
Notes Made directly before the July 2023 Humberlean General Election.


All elections after this point consist of Prime Minister, Parliament and Senate.

  • May 2021 Emergency Election


For more information check Legislature of Humberlea

The Humberlean parliament consists of 7-9 seats. The way how it works is there are automatically 6 elected seats with a 7th seat for the King or Queen, if the Prime Minister is not in the parliament then a seat is made for them, 8 seats. If a Speaker appointed by the Prime Minister does not already reside in the parliament, then they are given a seat, making it 9 seats.

Term Members Description Elections Prime Minister
1st Humberlean Parliament January 2020 - April 2020 Zech O' Hair
2nd Humberlean Parliament
Green = Green Party

Purple = NHF

Blue = Loyalists (PMP)

Split Parliament April 2020 - June 2020 Andreas Hudson
3rd Humberlean Parliament
Grey = Independent

Purple = NHF

Blue = Loyalists (PMP)

Loyalist (Progressive-Monarchist) Minority June 2020 - 15 July 2020 Andreas Hudson
4th Humberlean Parliament
Yellow = HMP

Purple = NHF

Blue = PMP

Progressive-Monarchist Minority 15 July 2020 - 1 September 2020 Johann Kümmel
5th Humberlean Parliament
Grey = Independent

Yellow = HMP

Purple = NHF

Blue = PMP

Progressive-Monarchist Minority 1 September 2020 - 15 October 2020 Johann Kümmel
6th Humberlean Parliament
Grey = Independent

Purple = NHF

Blue = PMP

Independent Minority 15 October 2020 - 1 December 2020 Beau Alexandria
7th Humberlean Parliament
Grey = Independent

Dark Blue = PMP

Light Blue = Conservative League

Purple = NHF

Split Parliament December 1, 2020 - January 15, 2021 Beau Alexandria
8th Humberlean Parliament Split Parliament January 15, 2021 - May 15, 2021 Phillip Johnnasan
9th Humberlean Parliament PMP Minority May 15, 2021 - Incumbent Phillip Johnnasan
Prominent Parliament Members
Name Picture Party Description Terms
Andreas Hudson
Humberlean Loyalist Party February 2020 - 15 April 2020
Brandon Mierzwa
Matachewanian-Humberlean Front, Nationist Humberlean Front HM Brandon I as he is known in Matachewan was one of the

leading figures that gave way for King Nicholas to create the

Humberlean state. Mr. Mierzwa or Sir Mierzwa, as he is formally

known in Humberlea is the current General Inspector of the

Armed Forces and Minister of Defense. He wishes to see Humberlea

as a successful nation-state that's close to its mother country Matachewan.

March 2020 - 15 April 2020

15 April 2020 - 1 June 2020

1 June 2020 - 15 July 2020

15 July 2020 - 1 September 2020

1 September 2020 - 16 October 2020

Zech O'Hair
Independent Destroyed the first version of the discord server. January 2020 - February 2020
Destin Rallis N/A Doctrinism Party Helped write the Constitution of Humberlea. January 15, 2021 - May 15, 2021

Prime Ministers and Heads of States

Prime Ministers

Colour Key
Party Offical Portrait Name Terms
Pre-Constitution (December 14th 2019 - May 4th 2021)
1 Independent
Zech O'Hair January 2020 - February 2020
2 Progressivist-Monarchist Party
Andreas Hudson February 2020 - 15 April 2020

16 April 2020 - 15 July 2020

3 Progressivist-Monarchist Party
Johann Kümmel 16 July 2020 - 16 October 2020
4 Independent/Locality
Beau Alexandria October 17, 2020 - January 15, 2021
5 Progressivist-Monarchist Party
Phillip Johnnasan January 15, 2021 - March 1, 2021

March 1, 2021 - May 4, 2021 (Interim)

Post-Constitutions (May 4th 2021 - Present)
5 Progressivist-Monarchist Party
Phillip Johnnasan 4 May 2021 - 15 May 2021

15 May 2021 - 27 July 2023

27 July 2023 - 7 August 2023 (Interim)

6 Independent
Seán O'Neill-Dagda 7 August 2023 - Incumbent

Head of State

Overall Humberlea
Matachewan Commonwealth (December 14th 2019 - February 12th 2020)
Name Portrait Reign
His Majesty
Emperor Brandon I
Brandon Mierzwa
14 December 2019 February 12th 2020 60 days
Notes Ran for Prime Minister numerous times after reign.
Mediolaurentia (January 7th 2023 - Present)
Name Portrait Reign
His Majesty
Alexander I
Liam Alexander
27 July 2022 13 March 2023 65 days
Notes Assumed by constitutional promulgation of §74 without election.
Their Majesty
Carson I
Carson Thomas R. Snyder
13 March 2023 Incumbent 269 days
Notes Unanimously elected following the abdication of Alexander I.
Humberlea (December 14th 2020 - Present)
Name Portrait Reign
His Majesty
King Nicholas I
Nicholas Lokin
14 December 2019 Incumbent 3 years, 358 days
Notes Has maintained position throughout the entire existence of the country.


Political Divisions

Humberlea is made up of two provinces and one royal colony. Which itself is made up of four towns and one territory.

Provinces and Royal Colonies
Name (English) Name (French) Official Name Abbreviation Status Entered Kingdom Flag Capital Largest City Official Population Towns Amount
Emery City Emeryville Crown Province of Emery City EMC Province 14 December 2019 Fort Emery Fort Emery 17 2
Humbermede Humbermede Provincial District of Humbermede HME Province 19 September 2020 Humbermede Central Humbermede Central 10 3
North Perth Perth Nord Royal Colony of North Perth NPR Royal Colony 13 June 2020 Van Baldwin Van Baldwin 7 1
Humberlean Municipalities population displayed on a pie chart.
Municipalities and Territories
Name (English) Name (French) Official Name Province or Colony Entered Kingdom Flag Provincial Capital Status Official Population
Fort Emery Fort Emery Municipality of Fort Emery Emery City December 14, 2020 N/A Yes 14
Mierzwa Town Mierzwaville Municipality of Mierzwa Town Emery City September 29, 2020 N/A No 3
Humbermede Central Humbermede Central Municipality of Humbermede Central Humbermede September 29, 2020 N/A Yes 5
Humber Valley Island Île Humber Valley Territory of Humber Valley Island Humbermede June 17, 2020 N/A No 0
Fort Madison Fort Madison Municipality of Fort Madison Humbermede November 23, 2020 N/A No 5
Van Baldwin Van Baldwin Municipality of Van Baldwin North Perth October 25, 2020 N/A Yes 7


Climate data for Emery City and Humbermede
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -1
Average low °C (°F) -9
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 30.2
Climate data for North Perth
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 32
Average low °C (°F) 17
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 0.6



Commissioned Ranks

Humberlean National Guard
Rank Abbreviation FM. Gen. Col. Maj. Lt. Off.
Full Rank Name Field Marshal General Colonel Major Lieutenant Officer

Non-Commissioned Ranks

Humberlea National Guard
Rank Abbreviation Cap. Sgt. Cpl. Pvt. Cad.
Full Rank Name Captain Sergeant Corporal Private Cadet
Name Picture Length of Time Prime Minister
Head of Armed Forces (January 6th 2020 - May 4th 2021)
Garvey Mallet
6 January 2020 - January 21, 2020 Zech O'Hair
Brandon Mierzwa
4 April 2020 - October 16, 2020 Andreas Hudson

Johann Kümmel

Phillip Johnnasan
October 16, 2020 - January 16, 2021 Beau Alexandria
Alexander Maple N/A January 16, 2021 - May 4, 2021 Phillip Johnnasan
Chief of the Defense Staff (May 4th 2021 - Present)
Alexander Maple N/A May 4, 2021 - Incumbent Phillip Johnnasan


The current Humberlean Economy uses the Humberlean Narto, at the moment of writing this, the Narto is pegged to 5 Canadian Cents, 1 Narto is worth 5 Canadian cents. People in Humberlea trade for everyday things using the Narto, labor, buying items, entrance into a location, basic things.

There are 4 different type of Narto bills, the 1 Narto Bill, 5 Narto Bill, 10 Narto Bill and 50 Narto Bill.



Holiday Date Celebrated Description
New Years Day 1 January To celebrate the new year.
Resurgence Day 21 January Mourning the day Zech O'Hair attacked Humberlean sovereignty via treason and attempted sabotage of Humberlean communications.
Family Day Third Monday in Feburary A day meant to celebrate familial bonds. Although not official, it is a de-facto holiday due to its enforcement in Ontario.
Ash Wednesday A variable date from March 19th to April 21st To get ready for the Easter Holidays.
Good Friday A variable date from March 20th to April 23rd To mourn the death of Jesus.
Easter Sunday A variable date from March 22nd to April 25th First day of Easter celebration for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Easter Monday A variable date from March 3rd to April 26th Second day of Easter celebration for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Labour Day First Monday in May A day to celebrate the labour of workers.
Canada Day 1 July Celebrates the establishment of the Confederation of Canada in 1867. Although not official, it is a de-facto holiday due to its enforcement in Canada.
Realm Day 27 July A day to celebrate the ongoing Humberlean membership in the High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia and the ascension of its constitution. Currently doubles a regular election day.
Crown Day First Monday before May 25th A day to celebrate the Crown of Humberlea and the incumbent Monarch. Coincides with Victoria Day and formerly named Monarch Day.
Commonwealth Day First Monday in September To celebrate the Grand Matachewan Commonwealth and Humberlea's membership in it. Coincides with Canadian Labour Day.
Thanksgiving Third Monday in October A day to give thanks to various aspects of life. Although not official, it is a de-facto holiday due to its enforcement in Canada.
Halloween 31 October A holiday coinciding with All Saints Day with pagan roots.
Remembrance Day 11 November A holiday celebrating the death of soldiers during wars.
Foundation Day December 14 To celebrate the day Humberlea was created.
Christmas Eve 24 December To celebrate the day before Christmas.
Christmas Day 25 December The day celebrating Jesus Christ's birth in Bethlehem.
Boxing Day 26 December A day with mixed origins and celebrations. Although not official, it is a de-facto holiday due to its enforcement in Canada.
New Year's Eve 31 December The day before a New Year begins on the Gregorian calendar.
If bolded, an official holiday in Humberlean law.[3]


Known meals that Humberleans like are Croissants, Pizza, Cookies, Fries and Burgers. Known drinks Humberleans like are significantly Coca Cola and Water.

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  3. National Symbols and Holidays Act enacted on July 27th 2023 alongside the 2023 Constitution.