Sixth Aenderian Republic

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Sixth Aenderian Republic
Motto: Unity protected under democracy.' '
French: Unité protégée sous démocratie.
Anthem: Led Zepplin by Tame Impala[1]
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentActive federal liberal democracy under a multi-party parliamentary republic
• First President
Nicholas Fisher
• Last President
Maximilian von Meister
LegislatureLegislative Council (LegCo)
Establishment2 June 2018
• as of 28 February 2021 census
66 residents, 29 citizens
CurrencyCanadian Dollar [CAD] ; Ƶemin dollar (exclusive to Arpet and New Hanoi)
Time zoneEastern [ET], Central [CT]
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Seventh Aenderian Republic
This nation is a member of the MOF[2] and is a former member of the Cupertino Alliance.
Microcode: AI

The Sixth Aenderian Republic more commonly known as Aenderia (French: Sixième République Aenderienne; Vietnamese: Cộng Hòa Aenderia Thứ Năm; Russian: Пятая Республика Аэндерии; Spanish: Quinta República Aenderiana[3]) was a self-declared sovereign state but was more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Aenderia was established on 2 June 2018, as the Republic of Aenderia by the temporarily exiled leader, Calvin White, but was revived as the Aenderese Republic after the September–October political crisis on 24 October 2018. The nation of Aenderia resided in the macronations of Canada and the United States with small overseas territorial claims within Antarctica and former claims in both Vietnam and Poland. It’s successor is the Seventh Aenderian Republic.


The name "Aenderia" was made; however, after a few searches online, the name "Aenderia" is supposed to represent "diplomacy for the core" and " ensuring peace and creating balance for all the involved parties." It also represents "[to] able to meet all situations with ease. If somebody tries to limit your freedom in any shape or form it is not appreciated." The name was officially chosen by the first Presydent, Calvin White.

On 24 October 2018, Aenderia changed its name to the Aenderese Republic using the suffix of "-ese".[4] It is similar to before but used the suffix to indicate the 'revival' of Aenderia.

On 20 January 2019, the name was reverted to the original "Aenderia" but now with "Communist" being added before "Aenderian Republic," after Nicholas Fisher had become president. This was reversed. On 28 January 2019, the name of the country was changed back to the Aenderian Republic as the word 'Aenderese' had become unpopular due to its affiliation with Nicholas Randouler. Both "Aenderese" and "Aenderian" terms are widely used today.

Eras of the Republic

Aenderia was in its Sixth Republic. The Sixth Republic was started by Nicholas Fisher and Matthew Laptev following the official withdrawal from the Cupertino Alliance.

Era Full Country Name Length of Era Notes
1st Era / Republic 2 June 2018 - 6 October 2018 Republic Of Aenderia 127 Days The first era. Headed by Calvin White, this era was the beginning of Aenderia's history and conflict. The core blocks of Aenderia's system were created and the term 'Presydent' was formed, although it is no longer used. This era collapsed in the wake of the election scandal against Calvin White. Politically, there was not much significant about this era.
2nd Era (Apart of the First Republic) 6 October 2018 - 20 October 2018 14 Days Headed by Horatio Eden, this era was the first era without Calvin White in power. Lead to the creation of Auvenum, and ended after Horatio Eden was not active as the country's president and voluntarily resigned from the presidency. William Efton takes over as president, beginning the Centrist grip on the government. (Did not form a new Republic, stayed with the name "Republic of Aenderia")
2nd Republic 20 October 2018 - 31 December 2018 Second Aenderese Republic 72 Days Headed by William Efton and Jayden Lycon respectively, William Efton resigns 3 days into his presidency and Jayden Lycon is appointed the President for the remaining 69 days of the era. The era collapsed with the Efton mass resignation crisis and began the short but rapid power shift toward Nicholas Randouler and Nicholas Fisher's policies.
3rd Republic 1 January 2019 - 16 January 2019 Third Aenderese Republic 26 Days Headed by Nicholas and Nicholas Randouler respectively, this era is the most hectic. Nicholas Fisher imitates Efton and resigns 3 days into his term under the command of Nicholas Randouler, and Randouler takes over for the remaining 23 days. Randouler imposed many policies and attempts to dissolve the republic, however, Milaw Oakforrest contradicts this and revives the country.
17 January 2019 - 27 January 2019
4th Republic 16 January 2019 - 20 January 2019 Communist Republic of Aenderia ~4 Days Headed by Nicholas Fisher, undemocratically became a communist dictatorship, fell under the recommendation of Fisher's advisers.
5th Republic 27 January 2019 – 14 June 2020 Fifth Aenderian Republic 502 Days (as of 12 June 2020) The fifth and longest era. Headed by Milaw Oakforrest, Jayden Lycon and William Efton respectively. Milaw was the president for 21 days, being the acting president until elections took place in mid-February 2019. Jayden Lycon was elected into office with 60% of the vote despite 3 elections having been conducted due to election conflicts. In mid-June 2019, both Khang and Lycon won elections, using a dual presidency system, although there were very few changes to the government. In November 2019, elections were held again, this time Lycon winning a safe majority, and Khang losing the presidency. A provisional government gave way to a Lycon / Khang dual presidency, which then gave way to an Efton presidency, marking Efton's first days of being president since 2018. After Efton's term, the Presidency went to Fisher.
21 June 2020 - 13 January 2021 Headed by Nicholas Fisher, semi-inactive state.
6th Republic 14 June 2020 – 21 June 2020 Sixth Aenderian Republic 7 days Headed by Nicholas Fisher, plagued with conflicts between the Government and Jamez. Ended with the return of the Fifth Republic and semi-dissolution.
13 January 2021 – 10 May 2021 117 days Headed by Nicholas Fisher, plagued with conflicts between the Government and James Bornstein. The new Aenderese Republic was started after Nicholas Fisher elected Maximillian Von Schroeder as his Vice President. Laptev would later follow as president and would not run for re-election.
Aenderian Provisional Government 10 May 2021 - 3 June 2021 23 days Headed by Calvin White as a purported successor to the 6th Republic during the 2021 Aenderian crisis. Ceased to exist following the signage of the Treaty of Aenderia.


Birth of the Republic

Logo of the bid logo for the 2020 MOF RPS tournament.

Fisher's administration was plagued with interactions from newcomer James Bornstein, starting with unclear wording from the Constitution Act to accusations of voter fraud. The issue was later resolved and Jamez was allowed to nominate himself for President. Aenderia later hosted the 2020 MOF Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, after submitting a bid to host the games on 12 May 2020. Activity began to grow but talks about the possible dissolution of the country, Cupertino Alliance administration, or partition plans of the country began to grow. A conflict between an accusation to Jamez that he committed voter fraud also arose, due to an alternate account in the Aenderian server as well as claims that Jamez writing style was suspiciously close to Anthony Sweigart's. On 20 June 2020, after a quick trial that led to the plea of guilty from Leon Montan, Jamez left Aenderia.

Soon after the incident, Aenderia went into a state of inactivity. On 21 June 2020, Fisher proclaimed the dissolution of the Sixth Aenderian Republic, returning to the Fifth. This was later re-affirmed from a vote in the Legislative Council. After almost a year of inactivity and failed attempts to revive the nation soo followed. On 13 January 2021, Nicholas Fisher held a Poll vote to whom will become the Vice President of the nation, the two candidates were Maximillian Von Schroeder (Neé: Meister) and Nicholas Lokin. Schroeder won the vote and was sworn in by 2:00 pm EST the same day. James Bornstein then again started the conflict in the nation "charging" the President of the republic with dereliction of duty. Fisher was found not guilty by an account of Leon Montan. This finally sparked activity within the nation.

Revival of Early 2021

The Monarchist Movement

During the end of the semi dissolution, when Nicholas Fisher declared Aenderia revived, a movement started by the Wynnish People in Aenderia. Whilst President Fisher was fighting the Cupertino Alliance for an Unban for an unjustifiable offense, Maximillian Von Schroeder and Christoph Billung started to slowly take over the nation. Protests arose in the nation's channels for a monarchy. VP Schroeder held 2 Referendums regarding a monarchy in the republic, and the people surely wanted a monarchy, but Fisher was reluctant to give over control to the Vice President because of the fact he wanted to make Aenderia part of Wynnland. After these events, Fisher removed Schroeder from the Vice Presidency, and he left.

Failed Coup De E'tat of the Fisher Administration

Around 20–30 January 2021, after Schroeder left Aenderia, Nicholas Lokin and Jayden Lycon asked President Fisher to give Aenderia to Humblea, and Fisher declined at first because the whole point of firing Schroeder was that Aenderia wouldn't go under the control of another nation. Lokin put a vote to the House of Commons, and it did not pass. A few days later President Fisher decided to give control to Humblea, not realizing the State would not like that. Derek Housinger intervened with military action. Acting Attorney General Christoph Billung and Minister of Defense Derek Housinger had Fisher declare martial law, whilst the nation was in chaos. He and Christoph Billing send (Minister of State) Nicholas Lokin, (Minister of Justice) Leon Montan, and (President) Fisher a declaration of charges. Nicholas Fisher was charged with four separate counts of treason, Nicholas Lokin was charged with 3 counts of treason and Leon Montan was charged with 2 counts of treason. Leon Montan laughed at these accusations and then left the nation. Nicholas Fisher and Nicholas Lokin fought these charges. Billung decided he was going to be the magistrate, Fisher then declined the request and called on Grand Unified Micronational Supreme Justice Anthony Clark. After a few days the Prosecution gave up and all charges were dropped. In the end Aenderia was still independent.

The Rise of Fascism

In February 2021 many new faces joined the nation as a result of efforts to rebuild the citizenship base and create a more diverse election. This influx of members created a spike in activity of 1500+ Messages a day, numbers last seen during the Lycon-Khang dual administration. New political parties sprung up in Aenderia for the first time since January 2020, the most notable being the Aenderian Action Party, the Christian Fascist Party, the Social Nationalist Front, and Fuckpolitics.

How times have changed Promotion by Christian Fascist Party in Aenderia

The Christian Fascist Party was headed by John Doyle, SNF ran by Maximillian Von Meister and Gabriel Sebastian. ore members and parties popped up in the nation, the Aenderian National Congress, the "Fuckpolitics" Party, The Communist Party of Aenderia, and a bunch more. One of the new Citizens Henry Goebbels started to post Nazi Propaganda and started the Aenderian National Socialist Workers Party, which is the most popular party in the nation as of right now. The anti-fascist parties such as the Aenderia Reform Bloc The Aenderian National Congress, and the Aenderia Action Party started the AUAF (Aenderians United Against Fascism) Coalition against the new Pro-Fascism Parties. On 1 March 2021 multiple nations expressed their outrage due to the rise of fascism in the Aenderian Republic. Aenderia received backlash from micronations like Essexia as well as a few other nations for the Nazi's role in the Republic, which prompted Lokin, Fisher, and Laptev to ban all forms of hate speech in Aenderia and subsequently exiled Henry Goebbels. Goebbels, however, was later unbanned and received a pardon, adding onto more backlash which exploded with the controversial May election and triggered a lawsuit against the government and lead to a citizens' coup fueled by a Liberal and National Populism Party coalition.

Start of the Laptev Administration

As scheduled weeks before, the nation held its first election since February 2020 on 1 March 2021. Laptev and Lokin won 68.8 per cent of the vote. Maxmillian von Meister and Gabriel Sebastian ceded from the race and congratulated Laptev. In the closing half-hour of the election, Dagsa also ceded, concluding the election. Shortly after, the 4th House of Commons was announced and sworn in, but two candidates, Ikaros Malakas and Cole Baird were found to be tied with 5 votes each. A quick runner-up poll was held and Cole Baird won.


See also: Presidents of the Aenderese Republic
The Federal Privy Council is the executive branch of the Government of the Aenderese Republic. Due to a democratic revolution, it is currently occupied by Provisional Presidents Calvin White and Maximilian von Meister. The council votes on decisions on an executive level and can veto a proposal made by the House of Commons. Furthermore, the Federal Privy can make executive orders, but the House of Commons can overrule that decision by a ⅔ majority against it. Members of the Federal Privy Council get a seat in the House of Commons and are elected positions. The Federal Privy was formed on 20 June 2019, effectively replacing the former executive branch as 2 presidents were elected, a first in Aenderian history.

President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is appointed by the President and responsible to supervise agencies, committees, and/or ministries. The Cabinet is made up of Ministers, not Secretaries. However, in Aenderia, the Minister refers to the head of governmental departments and is appointed by the President. Although the term "Secretary" would fit better for the type of job, the Government of the Aenderese Republic still uses the term Ministers instead. Due to the semi-active state of Aenderia, no ministry positions are currently active.

The Ministries include: (as of 28 February 2021)
 • Ministry of National Defence and Solicitor General manages national defence in Aenderia.
 • Ministry of the State and Interior manages state affairs.
 • Ministry of Elections and Statistics manages elections and statistics.
 • Ministry of Culture maintains and expands Aenderian culture.(Position Abolished)
 • Ministry of Transport manages Aenderian highways and transport.(Position Abolished)
 • Ministry of Education manages Aenderian education and Aenderian resources.(Position Abolished)
 • Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages foreign affairs in the micronational community.
 • Ministry of Stability and Morality maintains and supervises Aenderian stability.(Position Abolished)
 • Ministry of Justice manages the justice pillar in Aenderia.

There is 1 Minister currently in office due to the Provisional Government.

Legislative Council

Government Logo for the Aenderese Republic

The Legislative Council gets to vote on bills and acts. If it passes, the President will get the chance of signing the bill or vetoing the bill. The Legislative Council is made up of elected members. The President is a de facto speaker, which is currently Nicholas Fisher. The Speaker calls for sessions in the House and presents sessions and ends them. The Legislative Council last engaged on 27 June 2020, with the voting of the Aenderia Act.

Ministry of Justice

Aenderia's judiciary system is managed by the Ministry of Justice, and its management is composed of 2 parts.[5]
 • Minister of Justice is the person responsible for supervising Aenderia's judiciary system on behalf of the Federal Privy Council.
 • Justice Chief-Commissioner is the person who oversees courts and manages the database for court personnel.
 • Notary General is the person who approves laws to be passed into the House of Commons or other forms of the legislature.

Aenderia's court system is composed of multiple courts.
 • First District is the lower court to Overseas Territories or States.
 • Second District is the lower court to Special Administrative Regions or Federal Dominions.
 • Superior Court is the superior court of Aenderia. A prerequisite to trial is a hearing from the First or Second Districts.
 • Appeals Court is the appeals court of Aenderia. A prerequisite to trial is a hearing from the First or Second Districts or Superior Court.

The Superior Court last engaged on 20 June 2020, with the case between the Government and Jamez.

Parties and Elections

In Aenderia general elections are held every 4 months, including the Presidential Elections and elections for the House of Electors. In each election, the Aenderese people will also vote on laws that had a majority vote Abstain by the Legislative Council and other laws meant to have a national vote. With the Presidential elections, the President can re-pick his or her cabinet members.

With the elections, generally, Aenderese politicians identify with a political party. Currently, there are several political parties in Aenderia. The major parties are the Centrist Party which beliefs in centre politics and policies as well as Aenderia Reform, which stands for reform within the nation and liberal-conservative policies. Formerly, New Communist was also a major party based on Ho Chi Minh's ideas but fell after its leader, Chau Khang, leaving micronationalism.

Independents do not belong to any party and are usually exiled from their former party, however, some independents are not exiles but rather do not wish to affiliate themselves with a party. As of 22 December 2018, the only exiled independent is Haeden Eden, formerly in the Centrist Party. (However, he eventually joined the republican party and later the SDPA). The SDPA has historically been small and outside the house of electors however after forming a coalition with the LPU, winning the 22 December election and going on a massive recruitment spree, they grew to lead the largest formalized coalition as of the 24 December 2018. On 29 December, the SDPA had gained an overwhelming majority of the house.

After the fall of the Communist Republic of Aenderia, the new government, led by Nicholas Randouler, sought to remove the current political party system. This was rejected, however, and Aenderia still uses political parties to this day. The New Communist party gained some traction and managed to win a coalition government between the Centrist party.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Legislative Council Ministers in Cabinet Federal Privy Council
National Populism Party NPP Calvin White Conservatism

Right-wing populism

0 / 12
0 / 7
1 / 2
Liberal Party L Maximilian von Meister Liberalism Centre-left
0 / 12
0 / 7
1 / 2
Independent IND N/A N/A N/A N/A
0 / 12
0 / 7
0 / 2

Former Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies
SDPA-LPU Coalition SDPA LPU and SDPA boards Broadly left Social democracy
Big tent leftism
Bloque Oriental Nacional del Republica de Aenderia BONRA N/A Francisco Antonio Guerrero Unknown Unknown
Le Mouvement Royaliste (Dominion Party) DOM Maximilian von Schroeder Right-wing to far-right Monarchist
Aenderian National Socialist Workers Party ANSWP User:Henry Goebbels Far-Right National Socialism

All Ministers were vacated as well as the Legislative Council is currently in an indefinite recess.

Education System

Sample page from the Constitution Learning Book made by the Aenderese Education System

The Aenderese education system does not specialize in general K-12 education but rather in topics concerning Aenderia itself, however, the Education system does not specialize in historical events as they are considered too topical and may include bias.

The education system regularly publishes books and manuals about Aenderia and its properties in gray paper with Verdana 12 point font. Some of the documents made by the Education Department of Aenderia are made jointly with Curio Publications, however, some documents are made by the Government of Aenderia itself.

The education system has been improved over time.


Aenderia scores a 5.1 in the Freayth's System of Classification, classifying it as "an influential and advanced micronation".


The Noyan Greenhouse contributes largely to the economy of Aenderia.

The Aenderese economy is mostly made up of boating, graphic art and agricultural business. The Aenderese Government is looking to expand on its agricultural economy in 2019 in Noyan. The economy is also made up of the merchandise store and Kijiji listings. Aenderia's biggest company though is the Noyan Boat Company.

Aenderia uses the Canadian Dollar as the official currency. Although there have been attempts in creating an Aenderian currency (most notably the Cupertino Krone) they were ineffective, and are currently out of circulation.


Snowy day in Noyan.

The climate of Aenderia greatly varies from its claimed lands as they go all the way from the tropical zone of Earth to a semi-arctic climate.

Noyan / Aaron Island / Point Cupertino / Lamb Sauce Universe / Nouveau Montréal

Noyan, Aaron Island, Point Cupertino, and Lamb Sauce Universe's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Warm Summer Continental Climate. It is located in Southern Ontario, and receives moderate temperatures.

In the summertime, it could reach about 25° - 35 °C. In the wintertime, temperatures could reach below -5 °C and sometimes in -20 °C. In fall, temperatures stay about 0°-10 °C. As for precipitation, it can reach from 53.7mm to 84.7mm per month.

Climate data for Aenderese Republic (Noyan / Aaron Island / Point Cupertino / Lamb Sauce Universe / Nouveau Montréal)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -0.7
Average low °C (°F) -6.7
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 61.5
Source: Environment Canada[6]


Arpet's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Warm Humid Subtropical Climate. It is located in the middle of Texas and receives sometimes blisteringly hot temperatures.

Climate data for Aenderese Republic (Arpet)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 15
Average low °C (°F) 1
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 41.9
Source: Google[7]

Bepistan New Zealand

Bepistan New Zealand's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Humid Subtropical Climate. It is located in the lower end of New York City and receives warm weather.

Climate data for Aenderese Republic (Bepistan New Zealand)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 4
Average low °C (°F) -3
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 99.06
Source: NYC Official Guide[8]


Cyntell's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Snow and Ice Climate. It is located in the Robertson Island, Antarctica (Argentina / United Kingdom claimed territory) and receives uninhabitable temperatures. Due to its uninhabitable environment, not much is known about its exact climate. However, it can range from −10 °C to -60 °C on average. Antarctica is also dry.[9]


Tran Dan has a major influence in Aenderian culture.

American, Canadian, and Vietnamese cultures have a large influence on Aenderian culture, as they make up the majority of the population. Aenderian humor is mostly made up of Vietnamese memes, including Tran Dan, Vietnamese music videos, and more. Aenderian humor is also made up of Canadian and American politics, most notably how Ontario is poor at the maths subject.[10]

Despite being a capitalist democracy, Aenderian culture is known for having tolerance toward far-left ideologies like socialism albeit against the implementation of the ideology in political practice.


Chau Khang's lunch from 30 June 2019.

Typical food and dishes in Aenderia include:


The Colonization of Point Cupertino by the Government is the most viewed Aenderia-related video.

Aenderia has a poor media sector, with the Government's news channel heavily dominating the industry. However, DIME Magazine (ran in conjunction with the President and Zabëlle I of New Eiffel) and Efton Micronational (ran by William Efton et al) are major players in this industry, too. Former large players in the media industry include the Democrat ran by Milaw Oakforrest, Daily Micronational ran by Horatio Eden,[11] and others. Popular skits include a Spiderman unboxing video made by Jayden Lycon and others.


A majority of Aenderians play causal or simulation games, including Cities: Skylines, Minecraft and Rocket League. Aenderia does complete in any MOF e-sports games, as well hosted the 2020 MOF Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament


Aenderians listen to a wide variety of music. Some include Vietnamese pop music, while others listen to Canadian patriotic music. There have been multiple music festivals hosted in Aenderia, including the ICON Cover Competition 2018 and Crosschange 2019.


Aenderia does not have an official religion, and there have been no established churches in Aenderia. Aenderia is made up of largely Atheists, with a small minority of Buddhists and Christians. The former Republic of Aenderia's state religion was Judaism, however, a majority of the population who practice Judaism moved to Auvenum.

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognition

Bilateral recognition

The Government is working on increasing diplomatic affairs with others. It is currently interested in starting diplomatic affairs with a few nations, most notably New Eiffel.[12] This is a list of current diplomatic affairs as of 19 February 2020, sorted alphabetically.

Informal relations

The Government has received a message from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. [citation needed]

Administrative Regions

The Aenderese Republic is divided into 1 state, 1 Special Administrative Region, no Federal Dominions, and no Overseas Territories.


Table outlining powers of land in Aenderia.


States have their state government but are represented on a federal level by the federal government. States manage multiple properties and elect their governor. States have permanent residents and must be habitable.

Claimed Overseas Territories

Claimed Overseas Territories (COT) are uninhabitable landmasses. They do not have any permanent residents. Due to this, they are managed by the Ministry of the Territory on behalf of the federal government.

Former Territorial Designations

Certain territorial designations were scrapped due to impracticalities, such as the hassles of deciding what territories would be and why, and the need to appoint many Lieutenants.

Special Administrative Region

Special Administrative Regions (SAR) are semi-autonomous regions allowing these areas more power to manage, create their laws, etc.[13] All Aenderese laws do not apply, however, all laws passed under the SAR government must follow the Constitution Act, 2019. SARs appoint a Prime Lieutenant Officer to represent the SAR at a federal level. SARs have permanent residents and must be habitable. As of 18 November 2019, there have been no Special Administrative Regions. The latest Special Administrative Region was New Hanoi, which was upgraded to state status on 18 November 2019.

Federal Dominion

Federal Dominions (FD) were similar to SARs, which both had autonomous governments and powers similar to that, but they are not in any uninhabitable landmasses. They are run by the autonomous government of the selected Federal Dominion. Since 4 October 2019, there has been no Federal Dominion. The latest Federal Dominion was Nerdystan Federal Dominion, which left Aenderia in early October 2019 due to the Governor quitting micronationalism temporarily.

National Holidays

See: List of holidays in Aenderia
In Aenderia, there are many holidays, which can be both national or state holidays. The holidays are regulated by the government in the Public Holidays Act, 2019.

National Holidays

National Holidays are holidays that the government and businesses do not operate. National Holidays are usually significant within the Aenderese Republic and are outlined in the Public Holidays Act, 2019. National holidays affect all of the republics, and the House of Commons reserves the right to establish or remove any National Holiday.[14]

State Holidays

State Holidays are holidays that the government and businesses do operate. State holidays are usually not significant, nor they are centred on a certain state and are outlined in the Public Holidays Act, 2019. State Holidays don't always have to be about a state, though. These types of holidays can only be effective in certain states, and States retain the power to create or remove a holiday.[14]