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Henry Goebbels
"Depicted Image of Henry Goebbels"
Party Leader of the Aenderian National Socialist Workers Party
in office
February 27th 2021 - March 1st 2021
President Nicholas Fisher
Vice President Nicholas Lokin
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
(Party was banned due to hate speech)
Personal information
Born Unknown (age 25)
Lower Saxony, Germany
Political party Flag Aenderia National Socialist Workers Party
Religion Positive Christian


Henry Goebbels was born in to a middle class family in Saxony, Germany. He then moved to a micronation called Aenderia where he founded the Aenderian Action Party, which was a Nationalist Party and Auth Center before he left the party and joined the Christian Fascist Party. The AAP was then led by Jayden Dagsa, who then made the party into a liberal one. Mr. Dagsa then filed lawsuits against Henry for violation of the 2020 Constitution Act of Aenderia. Henry then left the CFP and proceeded to establish the Aenderian National Socialist Workers' Party, a controversial party which stirred much debate, with 5 members including Henry. Henry is currently the leader of the ANSWP and a candidate for Aenderia's House of Commons.