Social Democratic Party of Aenderia

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Social Democratic Party Alliance
SDPA LeaderSDPA Board
SloganNot afraid to do right!
FoundedNovember 22th 2018
Membership  (2018)18


Political positionCentre-left
Official colors     Red
House of Electors
1 / 9

The Social democratic party of Aenderia(SDPA) is a left wing party primarily in Aenderian politics but it has international branches in for example New Hanoi. It unites several leftist and centrist individuals and forms as broad coalition to unite the left and center of politics. It has a collective leadership of individuals whom have been elected into political office. Its membership consists of former independents and members of the communist party, Aenderia Reform. Centrist party and Republican party, however the official party line is center-left and while it was current an alliance with the centrist party was considered. Early on in the SDPAs history it allied with the Liberal progressive union forming the SDPA-LPU coalition. On the 26th of December the LPU dissolved and left the SDPA without a coalition party. In tangent a new very controversial government came to power. This caused a mass flock from other parties to the SDPA. The SDPA with that achieved its longtime goal of being a 50%+ party in the house of electors. The SDPA was founded by Milaw Oakforrest and the Socialdemocrats are lead by a board consisting of Milaw Oakforrest, Tony C., Haeden and Chau Khang. The SDPA has a communist caucus which works for a more communist SDPA however the caucus is in the vast minority of the party.