Aenderia Reform

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Aenderese Reform Bloc
Party ChairNicholas Fisher
SloganMaking Aenderia a better place!
FoundedOctober 15th 2018
Membership  (2018)1



Political positionCentre
Official colors     Yellow

The Aenderese Reform Bloc or more commonly known as Aenderia Reform is a centre leaning political party in Aenderia that mainly advocates for reform, with other ideologies, such as centrism and libertarianism. The party is currently active, Current President Nicholas Fisher is the only member.


Aenderia reform was founded early in Aenderese history, drawing together many diffrent people of various creeds whom desired to reform Aenderia. It eventually became one of the most if not the most prominent party in Aenderia. It developed a strong bond with the centrist party and for a long time a coalition between the two was considered. However by late december 2018 the party started to fracture with members splitting off to form the LPU. The party however remained strong and a force to be reckoned with in Aenderese politics until the Efton Resignation Crisis occured, during which prominent figures in the ARB behaved controversially causing the party to lose most of its power to the most vocal opposition. Nick Randouler(the parties founder) eventually left the party and Aenderia, Jay Clover(the last party leadership) also left the party in favor of the SDPA. Currently the party has one member in the house of electors whom refuses to take up party leadership. As of 2021 Nick Fisher currently holds the party leadership.