Communist Republic of Aenderia

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Communist Aenderian Republic
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Unity protected under communism.
March to the Front

Capital city North Noyan
Largest city Noyan
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Anderese
Government Communist
- President Jay Clover I (AR)
- First Vice Nicholas Randouler and Thomas Warner (AR)
Legislature House of Representatives
- Type - Unicamerial
Established 2 June 2018
Population 49 residents, 26 citizens census pending
Time zone Eastern, Central, Indochina
National drink Pepsi

Government Site

The Communist Aenderian Republic, or more commonly known by its short name, Aenderia) is a self-declared nation or more commonly known as a micronation to foreign observers. Aenderia was originally founded on June 2nd, 2018 (as the Republic of Aenderia) by the temporarily exiled leader, Russell Gilzem, but was revived (as the Aenderese Republic) after the September-October political crisis on October 24th, 2018. The nation of Aenderia resides in the macronation of Canada.


The name "Aenderia" was made up out of thin air. However, after a few searches online, the name "Aenderia" is supposed to represent "diplomacy for the core" and "Ensuring peace and creating balance for all the involved parties." It also represents "Able to meet all situation with ease. If somebody tries to limit your freedom in any shape or form it is not appreciated." The name was officially chosen by the first Presydent, Russell Gilzem.

As of October 24th 2018, Aenderia did change its name to the Aenderese Republic using the suffix of "-ese"- Similar as before but used the suffix to indicate the 'revival' of Aenderia.

On January 20th, the name was reverted back to the original "Aenderia" but now with "Communist" being added before "Aenderian Republic," after Jay Clover had become president.


Early Days

In the first 2 months of the Republic's history, many will recall it as a peaceful time with no issues arising. At that time the country was new and had just begun, as claims were laid out by Russell Gilzem for Jyilzyem (the then capital) in his backyard. Aenderia then arose to a more popular scale when the ICON Micronational music contest happened. Not much was documented in this period of relative peace, and so due to that information on this period in time before the election controversy is rare to obtain. One of the main documented events was the expansion of the agricultural business in Aenderia

Aenderia flourished, both economically and politically. It was seen as a country with huge potential along with its current leader, Russell Gilzem. It was seen as the period of no conflict and lasted three months, giving Gilzem the longest term as President in Aenderia (as for now). It was a period of peace and development, which was later abruptly stopped with the serious conflict which began a day after his birthday, September 22.

Russell's Goodbye

In September of 2018, the first Vice Presidential elections were being held for Aenderia. William Efton (C), Horatio Eden (CO) and Austin Jaax (D) had been the candidates for the election. At the time, Austin Jaax was running as the DPA candidate, a party which is now defunct as its members left during the political controversy.

As the election results were being compiled, many began to raise speculation that the DPA (Democratic Party of Aenderia) had been committing voter fraud by inserting in votes for those who were not known to be active at the time on the server. An investigation was called, leading to the temporary dismissal of Russell Gilzem from his office as an investigation committee was looking into what had occurred. Despite being promised his job back once when the investigation was complete, Russell refused to give up his office for reasons he saw as 'morally wrong', initiating the political conflict that would forever change the country. Russell was later acquitted of the trial but was prevented from taking back his position by Horatio Eden. This led some people (including Russell) to speculate that the Aenderian government has been showing early signs of corruption. He is relieved (to this day) when Eden and Efton both stormed out of office.

Horatio Eden was quickly sworn in as the President, but both him and Russell had claimed the office. Officially under rank Horatio Eden was only the Vice President, however, Russell was the President. (be aware that Russell had control over the ranking system.) Russell refused to give up his position because he felt that after Eden refused to give back Russell office, he felt as if he were the President and he deserved the role of Presydent.

Election and Secession

This issue led to a fierce clash between both parties and had instigated a criminal trial against Jayden Lycon and Horatio Eden, spearheaded by Russell Gilzem with the assistance of Attorney General Joshua Mullins. The defendants were accused of voter fraud, sedition, and harassment. William Efton himself was also on the list of those accused, but charges were dropped against him due to an agreement he had signed with Joshua. This case was dropped a month later due to the lack of collaboration between the prosecution and the Judge.

As elections were coming in near for the President, Russell announced that he would be seceding 2 of Aenderia's territories without consent (Kir Islands and Jilzyem) if he were to lose the election. This announcement caused enough outrage to eventually push him into seceding under his own will, having known that elections had not even occurred yet. Afterwards, the elections were cancelled, and Horatio Eden moved the country to a new Discord server while Russell formed a new country, a monarchy known as the Kingdom of Auvenum to suit his claims.

Eden to Efton

In the first few days of Horatio Eden's Presidency, rapid changes were put into place in Aenderia as a way to instate a more free, less oppressing nation. As the days went by, however, he became increasingly inactive in the country and was seen only interacting with other countries he had seemed to draw interest toward, drawing mass criticism from many, including his own Vice President, William Efton. After these complaints, he surrendered the position and William Efton took the Presidency the moment after.

As William Efton took office, he began to instate his policy of complete isolation from Auvenum as he saw this as the best option for the country in the 'big picture', and moving onward. Meanwhile,
Previous flag used in Aenderia
tension between Russell and William was brewing due to a series of foul exchanges they had on Discord, starting the only war the country would ever enter. The war was comprised of total fiction and was seen as childish on both sides, however, facts point to Russell Gilzem beginning the war as ICBMs were 'launched' at Cyntell before Aenderia took action. Russell repeatedly criticized Efton, calling him a 'dictator' as he never got prior consent from others to launch an attack against Auvenum as they had been 'launching' missiles at the island.

This was the only significant event which occurred in William's time as President as he soon resigned after only days of being in office. He chose Jayden Lycon as President and currently he is still in office. After taking office Lycon dismissed the war stating it was dubious and childlike.

Lycon Administration

When Jayden Lycon took office as President, he was immediately hit with the aftermath of the political crisis which had sent the country in a deep divide. Nicholas Randouler a new citizen then made the Aenderese Reform Bloc, in which regularly argued with the Centrist executive government to help close the divide. However, the party favoured relations with Auvenum while the Centrists favoured having little to no contact with Auvenum, favouring 'professionalism through ignorance'.

As time went by, Nicholas withdrew his party's stance on Auvenum relations as the King of Auvenum, Russell Gilzem, defaced the Aenderese flag and replaced the sun on the flag with a swastika, causing mass controversy in Aenderia and ending any attempt at relations with Auvenum. Jayden's administration took to preparing the country to leave its long-held Provisional Republic and become a full 2nd Republic of Aenderia. As Jayden's administration began its work, a massive surge in activity within the country occurred which lead to an all-time high confidence level from the people in the country.

William Efton, now the Vice President of Aenderia, is working on multiple missions within the country, known as the 'After Days', a program which is aimed at stabilizing the country and making sure the country is constantly growing. Most of the conversation in Aenderia moved away from the political crisis and focused on more recent events an active chat on meme culture. The people of Aenderia are generally happy with the current Republic.

GUM Membership Journey

Jayden's administration revealed plans to join the Grand Unified Micronation in December of 2018, a well known micronational organization. During this time, the government set up the GUM
Logo for the GUM - Aenderese Membership Committee.
- Aenderese Membership Committee, which would help to transition Aenderia to GUM membership status. The plan would call for Aenderia to apply for observer status in early 2019, and then filing for full membership in late 2019. William Efton was quoted saying this about the plan:

" I admit that we could have been better in the past, but this mission toward GUM membership is a great way for us to finally move on from something that lasted too long. Showing our goodbyes to the past and our hellos to the future are the way to go."

Currently, the government is hiring a director of the committee, and that person will go on to be the diplomat for GUM - Aenderia relations. However, currently, this seat is vacant, therefore GUM - Aenderese Membership Committee is jointly run by the Head of State and the President. As of the 23rd of December (2018), Nicholas Randouler was appointed the head of the membership committee.

Solidification of the Legislature and Controversies surrounding Nick Randouler at the time

After the December 2018 General Election which gave Jayden Lycon and his administration another term, many new parties were formed and existing parties dwindled in size.

The Social Democratic Party Coalition (or SDPA - LDU) quickly gained traction immediately after the election, as its founder Milaw Oakforrest had been voted into the House with a slight lead over her opponent, Redto Redton at only around 7%. Hours after her win, the Communist Party leader Chau Khang announced that he would be joining the SDPA and that his current party, the Communist Party, would close some of its operations. The Communist Party merged with the SDPA after Khang's announcement.

Nick Randouler would then announce that he was 'resigning' (Note: he would withdraw this statement hours later) mainly due to the lack of change in the country under his perception and that he would give up all government roles and return to becoming a citizen, saying:

I'm resigning from all my posts here and just going to be a citizen, Y'all take this as a joke honestly I know you're going to say shit to each other but I've tried helping the place and Y'all just make us look worse. Gg by.

His resignation notice was criticized by some for its supposed immature, profane language and also the fact that it was delivered over an informal means of communication (a discord server chat). They also went on to say that Nick did not do everything in his power to create change and that he was only waiting for change to occur so that he could take credit for it.

Some defended his actions, saying that this kind of foul language was warranted noting the supposed lack of improvement in Aenderia at the time this announcement was made and that Nick was doing this to raise change and awareness in the country of the lack of said topic.

Nick would then revoke this statement privately to William Efton over a direct messaging system, noting that he was there 'to improve the country' since Jay Clover had been voted into office, who is an enemy of Nick.

After these actions occurred, the Centrist Party dismissed Haeden Eden from their party over claims that he had not been proficient in adhering to their standards of maturity and professionalism. Haeden would then join the Aenderia Republican Party, headed by Jay Clover.

The Centrist Party would be critized by a few for not dismissing Haeden in the past, as they say that the Centrists dismissed Haeden only over regret of Nick R’s resignation as Haeden has been one of the major causes of Nick’s ‘resignation’. Haeden Eden was not invited back to the Centrist party even after Nick had revoked his resignation and they had no plans to invite Haeden back.

Around 6 - 7 hours after this occurred, a major member of the Aenderia Reform Bloc, Austin Jaax, decided to leave Aenderia Reform and join the Liberal Progressive Union. This incited an argument with Nick, Austin and the LPU’s leader, Nicolas Millian. As the argument escalated Nick called Austin a ‘parasite’ and had asked the Centrist Party to form a coalition with Aenderia Reform through a direct message to William Efton, which did not garner a response as William feared either yes or no would cause an event that was unintentional.

Nicolas Millian, frustrated with Nick, began to critize his party heavily and claimed that the ARB was using its political members as only a power tool and never supported their politicians, saying:

First of all, when I ran for seat 8, the ideals of AR only stopped me from being able to campaign for my ideas and what I think can make a better Aenderia. The party barely backs its politicians. Not only do the politicians have to hold their own like independents, but I believe that many candidates were only being slowed down by AR. On top of this, the party leadership set the ideas in the party, where the party was originally meant to be a big tent party to reform Aenderia. Not only are the Centrists doing the reform for us, but the ARB lost its true meaning and intentions some time ago. I believe that either we aren't parasites, or the inability for the ARB to function like the other parties is only turning its members into parasites, therefore slowing the party down. There are no benefits coming out of AR, and therefore the metaphor and insult 'parasite' is invalid and void.

Nick Randouler privately responded to this message with a statement that claimed that Nick was saying ‘what needs to be said’ and contradicted a majority of the points Nicolas had stated with a Whataboutism like technique.

Soon, the SDPA and the LPU joined together and merged into one single party coalition, calling themselves the SDPA - LPU Coalition. The coalition soon made an ad with the text “Thanks for making us the biggest coalition”, which after this ad was posted Nick R claimed that the Centrist Party and the Aenderia Reform were in a coalition since early December which would then make the Centrists and the Reform the largest coalition. William Efton then said that that was not true as the the Centrists did not neither approve or deny their coalition request, and Nick revoked his statement as being a misunderstanding.

The Efton resignation crisis

After the news spread over Aenderia Randouler announced he would resign in which so did Millan and Jaax. Later Efton resigned causing a current fall in Aenderia. Many influential Aenderians joined the Social Democratic Party of Aenderia which became the face of opposition to the new government which it considered undemocratic and undependable. The crisis was a boon to the SDPA which grew greatly during it due to its opposition to Nicholous presidency and due to its promises of reform, catching the attention of former ARB members. Nichoulous Randouler eventually left in opposition to the power of the SDPA and Jay Clover became the new president appoint, however after some drama regarding a poll and the new president appoint, a prominent SDPA member(Milaw Oakforrest) became president appoint, she would be the first female president of Aenderia. Eventually the SDPA grew to on the 29th of December be ca 83% of the HoE. At this time the SDPA had two prominent figures being the new President Appoint Milaw Oakforrest and Tony Sweigart. The only member left that is not part of the SDPA is Alperen whom remains a staunch ARB supporter despite the non-existence of its leadership.

Post Efton Crisis

Nations began breaking away from Aenderia. First was the Democratic Republic Of New Hanoi then Arpet and last but not least Cyntell. The later merged to from the Union Of Red Aenderia Republics. The nations uniting was taken as a shock as it was a one party stated rule by the SDPA party with the communist caucus being the leading faction. Post Efton crisis shall be also known as the collapse of Aenderian empire they lost lots of land during this time and almost unified with auvenum. There will be a summit held on January first which will include Aenderia,Auvenum and the Union Of Red Aenderian Republics. This wiki post efton crisis spot will be updated when more post efton crisis info comes in.

The End Of The SDPA Era

On the 16th of January, 2019, Vice President Nick Fisher under the Milaw Administration, tried to impeach President Milaw Oakforest with his allies. The vote was strongly in favor of keeping the President aswell as the HoE vote and it is expected that the President will have major reforms in the executive positions of the government. More will be added as the story develops. Late Thursday night a vote in the house was made by Thomas Warner to impeach Milaw Oakforrest. At 11:30 Friday Morning Jay Clover I Realized that the HoE vote to impeach Milaw had passed. Milaw kept questioning Jay Clover I about the HoE vote since it couldnt be held without the popular vote also passing. On friday Milaw Oakforrest Transferred The Ownership to The new President Jay Clover. He made Nicholas Randouler and Thomas Warner the Vice Presidents. Jay might not have liked William Efton, but he made him his advisor. And Also Jayden Lycon is also his advisor, the two former presidents of The Republic, Russell Gilzem as his Secretary Of State, The Honorable Judge Archie Souver and The Honorable Judge Nicólas Millan as High Judges. Jay Clover Fixed the house and established to put elections on valentines day for the HOE/HOR tangentially Jay Clover fired all HoE members, removing his opposition in government.

The Rise of Communism

January 20th - After Jay Clover took over as president after Milaw Oakforrest, he turn the nation communist using undefined powers on the third day. This resulted in the change of the name, motto, flag, and other aspects of Aenderia such as economy, it was also critisized as a dictatorial move, as a result many individuals resigned in opposition to the new government. During this time Jay left the presidency to Nicholous Randouler for a time.



The executive branch of the government of the Aenderese Republic is responsible for the execution and enforcement of laws and bills,
Map stating the leaders of Republic of Aenderia / Aenderese Republic.
which were voted by the House of Electors. The President can veto any laws made by the House of Electors. In return the President can make a Executive Order but the House of Electors can over rule that by a ⅔ majority against it. The President is an elected position by the people from a majority vote.

House of Electors

The House of Electors gets to votes on bills and acts. If it passes, the President will get the chance of signing the bill or vetoing the bill. The House of Electors are made up with elected members, and the Vice President is currently serving as the
Government Logo for the Aenderese Republic
chairman of the House of Electors. The Vice-President also has a more prominent role as they cast a vote if there is a tie in the House. The Current Speaker of the House [of Electors] is Nicholas Randouler. The Speaker calls for sessions in the House and presents

High Courts

The High Courts are the judiciary branch of the Aenderese Government, that is responsible for the law in the nation and trials on the National Court. Currently, no Judge has been picked President or Confirmed by the House.

Parties and Elections

In Aenderia general elections are held every 4 months, including the Presidential Elections and elections for the House of Electors. In each election, the Aenderese people will also vote on laws that had a majority vote Abstain by the House of Electors and other laws meant to have a national vote. With the Presidental elections, the President is able to re-pick his or her cabinet members.

With the elections, generally, Aenderese politicians identify with a political party. Currently, there are four political parties in Aenderia and only one former. The four parties are Centrist which beliefs in Centre politics and policies. Aenderia Reform which stands for reform within the nation and centre and liberal-conservative policies. SDPA which stands for left policies, and the Republicans which stand for conservatism.

Independents do not belong to any party and usually exiled from their former party, however, some independents are not exiles but rather do not wish to affiliate themselves with a party. As of December 22nd, 2018 the only exiled independent is Haeden Eden, formerly in the Centrist Party however he eventually joined the republican party and later the SDPA. The SDPA has historically been small and outside the house of electors however after forming a coalition with the LPU, winning the 22nd of December election and going on a massive recruitment spree they grew to lead the largest formalised coalition as of the 24th of december 2018. On the 29th of December the SDPA had gained an overwealming majority of the house.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats in Legislature
SDPA-LPU Coalition SDPA Sdpa-lpu-2.png LPU and SDPA boards Broadly left Social Democracy, Big Tent Leftism
1 / 9
Centrist CTR Alp logo.png William Efton Centre Centrist
0 / 9
Reform AR ARLogo2.png Jay Clover I Right Wing Reform Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
5 / 9
СоцПартия Республики Андерии СПРА Cnpa.png Thomas Warner Far Left Communism
1 / 9

Education System

The Aenderese education system does not specialize in general K-12 education but rather in topics concerning Aenderia itself, however, the Education system does not specialize in historical events as they are considered too topical and may include bias.

The Education system regularly publishes books and manuals about Aenderia and it's properties in gray paper with Verdana 12 point font. Some of the documents made by the Education Department of Aenderia are made jointly with Curio Publications, however some documents are made by the Government of Aenderia itself.

Sample page from the Constitution Learning Book made by the Aenderese Education System


The Aenderese economy is mostly made up of clothing and agricultural. The Aenderese Government is looking to expand on its agricultural economy in 2019 in Noyan.

The economy is also made up from the merchandise store.


The climate of Aenderia greatly varies from its claimed lands as they go all the way from the tropical zone of Earth to a semi-arctic climate.


Noyan's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Warm Summer Continental Climate. It is located in Southern Ontario, and receives moderate temperatures.

In the summertime, it could reach about 25° - 35° C. In the wintertime, temperatures could reach below -5° C and sometimes in -20° C. In fall, temperatures stay about 0°-10° C.

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Bilateral Recognition

(Sorted Aplhabetically)

Administrative Regions

More information The Republic of Aenderia is divided into 1 administrative region.

Name Flag Capital Colour
Noyan Noyan.png North Noyan
Claimed Overseas Territories
Cyntell Cyntell Flag.png Cyntell Base

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
2 June День основания The day Aenderia was founded
20 December, 20 April, 20 August Election Day(s) Every 3 times a year, new elected officials are brought into the Republic of Aenderia via election. (This can change if someone within the government suddenly resigns.)
31 December New Years Eve The Aenderian "Christmas Eve"
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year.