Zemin dollar

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Ƶemin dollar
đồng Trạch Dân

Banknotes of the Ƶemin dollar
Official usersArpetFlag.png Arpet
NewHanoiFlag.png New Hanoi
Pegged toUS$
BanknotesƵ1, Ƶ2, Ƶ5
Central bankArpet and New Hanoi central governments
PrinterArpet and New Hanoi central governments

The Ƶemin dollar (or the Zemin dollar) is the current currency of the Aenderian States of Arpet and New Hanoi and has been since 7 March 2020. The Ƶemin dollar is pegged to the US Dollar and has an exchange rate set as 1Ƶ = 1US$. The Ƶemin derives its name from former Chinese General Secretary Jiang Zemin as he is central to an inside joke within Arpet and New Hanoi. The Ƶemin dollar is used in 1Ƶ, 2Ƶ, and 5Ƶ notes. The dollar is also being used in conjunction with any other currencies the federal government makes official.


The note was designed by William Efton over the course of an hour with feedback and advice from Chau Khang.

All text on the note is in the font SF Pro. The note features four cascading white waves acting as lines, a symbol of peace and stability. The names of the states using the note (New Hanoi and Arpet) are featured on the right side of the note. The notes also come with the Ƶemin dollar translated into English and Vietnamese. A picture of Jiang Zemin is visible on the right side of the note as well, directly under the names of the states. The plain beige color was chosen to represent how life can sometimes be boring. The crystalized gradient to the very right of the note, in purple and dark blue, represents a sudden change in life. The denomination is labeled on the gradient, as well as the symbol of the currency and the year the note was designed. The notes are in a wide aspect ratio similar to those used in film.

Originally the phrase "Chúng ta tin vào máy con đĩ", which translates to "In whores we trust" was featured on the left side of the note along one of the white lines, but was removed for obvious reasons.

Past attempts at creating a special currency

There have been past attempts at creating a currency exclusive to Arpet and New Hanoi, and such attempts have dated back to 2019. An attempt at creating a version of the Vietnamese đồng for use in the states gained traction within but then lost that traction when the states moved onto different matters.

Other attempts ended when the designs of the notes could not be agreed on inside the Arpet state governments. These conflicts mostly hindered any attempt at creating a special currency until March 2020, when it was decided the two states needed their own form of currency to stand out from the remainder of the Republic.


Currently, the state governments of New Hanoi and Arpet are the two legal printers, central banks, and in effect the sole issuers of the currency. At some point in 2020, the government plans to grant privately-owned financial institutions within the states the same permissions. The two states are actively encouraging their use in the country to spread awareness and bring in potential sources of increased stability for the currency.