Davonian dollar

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Davonian dollar
Davonian Dollar
 Freq. used1DDO
Date of introduction23 May 2023
User(s)Confederation of Davonia State of Davonia, Confederation of Davonia
Central bankConfederate Treasury of Davonia
Pegged with1.00DDO = 2.5USD

The Davonian dollar is one of two official currencies of the Confederation of Davonia. It is also used by all autonomous states within the nation. It was created by the Confederate Treasury of Davonia on 23 May 2023, and was assigned a value of $2.50 USD. It is a digital-only currency, and can only be redeemed through the Confederate Treasury of Davonia. It does not have a design, as the Confederate Board of Davonia finds it unnecessary to have one, and chooses to focus on more important matters.

On 12 June 2023, the Secretary of the Confederation of Davonia, D, awarded the treasury $100 USD, meaning that there is a total of $40 DDO to be allocated among the citizens and government of Davonia.