Alliance of the Micronations

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Alliance of the Micronations
Logo of the Alliance of the Micronations
TypeInternational Organisation
Observers: 27
• Chair
King Simon 1st
• Founded
3 June 2021
• Revival
17 September 2021
• First Charter of AOTM
21 September 2021
• Second Charter of AOTM
29 December 2021
• Requisitioned back into an International Organisation
5 December 2023

The Alliance of the Micronations, or AOTM for short also known as the AOM, is an International Organisation dedicated to global peace for the benefit of all Micronations. The Kingdom of Salanda established it on Thursday, 3 June 2021. There are now 58 members and 27 observers on the board.


Foundation period

The alliance was founded by the Kingdom of Salanda on 3 June 2021. After foundation, the now defunct Republic of Tuse joined.

Defunct period

The Alliance of the Micronations was defunct from 18 August 2021, but was revived on Friday, 17 September 2021.

Revival period

On 17 September 2021 the Kingdom of Salanda revived the Alliance of the Micronations by a royal decree approved by Reuben I. Between the revival and the beginning of October, the organization began rapidly spreading. By 2023, the organisation became mainly inactive which became the main issue of the 2023 General Secretary elections.


The alliance is split into many different organisations including Nature and Environment, Social and economic sectors for example. The alliance seeks for members as it's purpose is to bring peace and bring alliances among the micronations to improve the world.

Organisational structure


Membership is obtained by going to the Discord server and filling out the application form.

Nation Date of admission Notes
United States of the Rocky Mountains
 Republic of Ludany
Kingdom of Egemonica
People's Socialist Republic of Xarbarstan
 Kingdom of Salanda
Social Democratic Republic of Foundland
Democratic Republic of Karinburg
 Empire of Muskratia
Grand Monarchy of Osneau
Buddie Union
 Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Kingdom of Wellmoore
Holy Esgeldian Tsardom
Democratic Republic of Tortuga
 Roscamistan Delegate not in the server
 Great Kingdom of Slitronia
Iber Rus ( Altavonia ) ( Red Order )
Stadstaat Moorsem
Kingdom of Eintrachtia
 Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Autonomous Province of Silavere
Carolina Federal Republic
 Forestria The state was admitted in late 2022. One of the Kingdoms of Oniya-Forestria

AOTM Security Council Members

To be decided


Former Members and Observers (either due to withdrawal or dissolution)

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