German Micronational Alliance

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Deutsch Mikronationales Bündnis
  • –5 full members
  • –1 observer states
  • -2 international diplomats
• DMB creation
21 November

The German Micronational Alliance, the official abbreviation GMA (German: Deutsch Mikronationales Bündnis, DMB) is the name of a regional organisation comprising of micronations located mainly in Germany and german speaking nations. The organisation serves primarily to democratically resolve possible disputes between micronations, provide various services to the micronations and to serve as a discussion platform and an association of micronationalists in the german speaking micronational community. DMB was founded on 21 November 2023 by the State of Lasetia, Bavarian Democratic Republic, Royal Republic of Ladonia and the Republic of Pleiso. The current charter of the alliance is in progress.