European Micronational Culture Organisation

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European Micronational Culture Organisation
Intermicronational organization

Anthem TBD

Headquarters Lounge of the EMCO (Skype)

Official language English

Membership 9 members

Presidency Saint Luke and Amager
Representative Leon Simpson

– Foundation 14 March 2009
– Revival 5 September 2012

The European Micronational Culture Organisation (EMCO) is an intermicronational organisation, created by the Cheslovian Federation on 14 March 2009 and revived by multiple micronations on 5 September 2012, to document aspects of European micronational culture. European culture is very influential around the world, many nations and micronations outside Europe shape their nation around European heritage.

EMCO currently documents a list of European micronations, and certain aspects of their culture that stand out from other cultures of Europe.


The concept of creating an organisation or national institution for documenting European micronational culture has been in existence in Cheslovia for a long time, the first idea for such an organisation came about in mid 2008, when it was proposed that Cheslovia create a special part of the Cheslovian archives that documents European micronational cultures only, the idea was dismissed by the government. The same idea came back at the end of 2008 and stayed until the creation of EMCO, having undergone various changes to its concept. It was proposed that instead of being a national institution, it should be an international organisation. European micronations do not need to be a member to add to the EMCO archives, however, membership is needed to hold meeting concerning cultural events, dealings with similar organisations and member discussions on how the organisation can improve.

After years of inactivity, the organisation was brought back to life by 7 nations, on 5 September 2012.


The EMCO is a cultural organisation, and thus it is mainly informal in administrative things. The only kind of leadership is the Presidency of the EMCO, which is held rotatively by each member nation.

The powers of the Presidency are limited, and are only related to administrative things. The Presidency has the duty to keep and promote the activity of the EMCO, to propose and promote new cultural partnerships and to accept new members in the organisation.


The Presidency of the EMCO is held by every member nation rotatively, for a term of one month. The order of the Presidency is decided by its members. Two nations can hold the Presidency jointly, if they wish so.

Month Nation
September 2012 Juclandia
October 2012 Francisville& Landashir
November 2012 Lewisham
December 2012 Eragia
January 2013 Senya
February 2013 Amager


Membership in the European Micronational Culture Organisation is open to any European micronation willing to cooperate in the cultural area with other micronations from the same continent. For a nation to get membership, it must contact the country that holds the presidency at the time the nation wishes to get the membership.


Normal members have access to the Lounge of the EMCO on Skype, and can participate in the cultural projects of the EMCO.

Interested nations

These nations have expressed interest in joining but have yet to take a decision. These nations have access to the EMCO Lounge.

Special members

Special members are members of the pre-dormition EMCO who couldn't be contacted at the time the organisation was revived or no decision was taken at the time. If these members contact the presidency, they automatically get their membership back.

European micronations

General information

Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital National Motto National Anthem Time zone
Federal Republic of Francisville None To be confirmed To be confirmed GMT
Kingdom of Juclandia Jucărești Nihil sine Deo Trei Culori EET (EEST)
Community of Landashir Sycamore Booker Duerch d' Arbéicht en duerch de Énhéet, sollt Mir floréien "La Storia" (De Haan) GMT
Lewisham Democratic Republic Lee Green Truth will Prevail The Internationale GMT
Kingdom of Lolland Clover What's left of the Flag GMT
Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager Amasburg City With Unity, Freedom and Democracy, All Hail to Thee Amager! Hail Amager, Hail Varies
Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Cat's Corner For Senya O Senya
(temporary anthem)
Principality of Lomellina Castello di Valle In ragione del diritto di sangue To be established GMT


  • Francillian: Ech bin net sicker. Empféiels du oucht? - I'm not sure. Do you recommend anything?
  • Ripuarian: Wejß_e wat? M'r bliewe noch jet hee - de nächste Strôßebaan kütt eez môrje fröh. - You know what? We'll stay here for a while - the next tram won't come until tomorrow morning.
  • German: Achtung! Es scheint, Sie haben einen Steppenwaldbaumschliefer in Ihrer Kordlatzhosentasche. - Careful! It seems you have a southern tree hyrax in the pocket of your corduroy dungarees.
  • Francillish: Waar has dech den Hond gekéeft? - Why did you buy this dog?


Flag Nation Currency Denomination 1 Denomination 2 Denomination 3 Denomination 4 Denomination 5
Kingdom of Juclandia Juclandian Leu File:5 LEI.png
Lewisham Democratic Republic Nemkhav Mark


  • Church: there is no church for this religion


  • Royal Guard of the Palace
  • Ground Forces (Landstreitkräfte)
  • Border Troops of the LDR (Grenztruppen der LDR)
  • Army (Esercito St.Charliano)
  • Navy (Marina St.Charliana)
  • Border Security (Forze di Confine)
  • Land Defence Force
  • National Gendamarie
  • Navy


  • Chairman of the Volkskammer: Matt Co (September 2011 - present)
  • General Secretary: Comrade Krenz (November 2011 - present)
  • President of the Parliamentary Presidium: Awaiting election
  • Speaker of the Federal Assembly: Luke Albertschine
  • Democratic Environmental Society of Senya
  • President: Barnaby Hands (March 2010 - present)
  • Senyavite: Cally Anna (November 2010 - May 2011, February 2012 - present)


  • Teleradio Juclandia – the state broadcaster of Juclandia. It operates both JTV (the television) and Radio Juclandia, which air on Juclandian territory.
  • Newspapers: Scânteia; Adevărul; Timpul; Universul; Juclandia Literară; Munca
  • Newspapers: Amatine Voices; Richmond Times
  • Radio: Amatine 1 to 4

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