Federated Republics of Eragia

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Federated Republics of Eragia
Coat of arms
Motto: For the Glory of Eragia
Anthem: National Anthem of the Federated Republics

Scottish Borders, United Kingdom
and largest city
Kingshold, Central
Official languagesEnglish, German, Latin
• President of the Federated Republics
Ted McKinlay
• President of the Senate
• Census
CurrencyMicro/Nemkhav Mark
Time zoneEragian Central Time (ECT)
Website currently under construction and unavailable for public viewing.

The Federated Republics of Eragia (usually known as the Federated Republics, the F.R.E. or simply Eragia) is a constitutional federation consisting of two Federated Eragian Republics and one Semi-Autonomous Region. The country is situated entirely in the Scottish Borders and large elements of its culture come from its Scottish neighbors. Due to a large proportion of the nations citizens being New Zealanders, Eragian culture takes elements from New Zealand as well.

Originally founded in 2011, Eragia has gone through several incarnations, including the Unified Republics of Thantias and the monarchist Kingdom of Eragia. Following an 11 month spell in the Nemkhav Federation, Eragia declared independence from the Nemkhav Federation on November 1, 2012, and reformed into the Federated Republics.

As of the 22nd October 2018, revolutionary activity has swept the Federated Republics, with the existing federal government having lost vast swathes of Eragian territory to the revolutionaries. It is widely expected that the ongoing Communist revolution will be successful and lead to the fall of the Federated Republics in its current form.[1]


Early Micronationalism

(Main article: Unified Republics of Thantias)

Flag of the Unified Republics of Thantias

Micronationalism in the area now known as Eragia began on February 14, 2011, with the establishment of the Empire of Benoom. Benoom existed for a single day before becoming the Unified Republic of Thantias. Unfortunately, Thantias almost collapsed after several months due to lack of activity. In an attempt to boost activity, the nation reformed as a federation, but it did little to help the failing activity levels in the state. By the end of August, 2011, Thantias had collapsed.

The First Eragia

Soon after the collapse of Thantias, micronationalism made a comeback in the area, and the Republic of Eragia was founded. A noticeable difference from Thantias was the openness of the political system. The Republic of Eragia was a multi-party democracy, a system chosen in an attempt to create an active political environment, the lack of which Thantias suffered dearly for.

Despite this, inactivity plagued the Republic. Although elections were held on time, only one candidate ever stood for each position. This caused a severe lack of campaigning, as it was unnecessary to campaign when only one candidate standing. Despairing over the lack of activity, the leaders of Eragia reformed the government of the nation, and adopted an absolute monarchy.

Part of the Constitution of the Republic of Eragia

The Kingdom and Nemkhavia

At the foundation of the Kingdom, a new national holiday was introduced, celebrating the rise of the monarchy. A Foundation Ceremony was also held, along with the official coronation of King Ben I. With absolute control of the nation in the hands of the monarch, there was no legislature, nor elections. This caused some to worry about a drop of activity within Eragia, as most of the Republic's activity was centered around the political scene. The monarchists, however, pointed to the increased cultural activity within the nation as an alternative to politics for the main source of Eragian activity.

Within a month of the adoption of the monarchy, Eragia relinquished its sovereignty and became a state of the Nemkhav Federation. This was mainly due to many Eragians tiring of managing external affairs and as Nemkhav states do not maintain their own foreign relations, Eragia would no longer be required to do this.

By early 2012, it was proved that political activity was vital to a successful and active Eragia and with a monarchy, this was simply not possible. As such, King Ben I unilaterally dissolved the Kingdom after placing a newly formed Communist Party in charge of the nation. It was eventually decided that a multi-party democracy would be established in place of the Kingdom.

The Federated Republics

With the decision to establish a multi-party democracy within Eragia, a new form of government was required. To maximize political activity, a federal model was decided on and thus the Federated Republics was born. A Transitional Council was established to manage the writing of a constitution and the formation of a new government model to maximize Eragian activity. It is expected that the constitution shall be ratified by the end of November.

Following the chronic inactivity plaguing Nemkhavia, Eragia, now semi-officially the Federated Republics, decided that Eragia's national interests no longer lay with the Nemkhav Federation. Along with the signing of the Treaty on the Establishment of a Nemkhav Union, it was agreed by the Transitional Council that Eragia would officially secede from the Nemkhav Federation, while remaining in the Nemkhav Union. The Federated Republics of Eragia officially became an independent nation at 9.06PM on November 1, 2012.

Government and politics

The Head of State of Eragia is the President of the Federated Republics, and the Head of Government is the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate does not have to be impartial and retains their vote in the Senate. The President of the Federated Republics holds veto power over all laws passed by the Senate.

The legislature of the Federated Republics is the bicameral Congress, the Upper House being the Senate and the Lower House being the People's Assembly. The People's Assembly plays a limited role in Eragian lawmaking, not being able to enact law directly, but proposing them to the Senate for acceptance.

Government Departments

Department Discription
Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture manages farming regulations and monitors Eragia's agricultural output.
Department of Culture The Department of Culture is responsible for the development and maintenance of Eragian culture.
Department of Defense The Department of Defense is responsible for managing Eragia's Armed Forces.
Department of Economic Development The Department of Economic Development monitors Eragia' economic situation and designs Eragian currency.
Department of Education The Department of Education manages Eragia's universities and educational curriculum.
Department of Federal Affairs The Department of Federal Affairs is responsible for ensuring the compliance of both the Federal Government and the Republics with the Constitution in relation to each other.
Department of Health The Department of Health offers health advice and support to Eragian citizens, as well as assisting in the management of the Eragian Emergency Services.
Department of Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security manages Eragia's Secret Service and Special Operations Service, as well as aiding the Department of Denfense in securing the sovereignty of Eragia.
Department of Internal Development The Department of Internal Development is responsible for the development and maintenence of Eragian infrastructure.
Department of International Development The Department of International Development manages Eragia's relations with emerging micronations and provides them with assistence.
Department of Justice The Department of Justice manages and maintains Eragia's court and judical systems.
Department of Media and Communications The Department of Media and Communications is responsible for Eragia's television and radio networks, as well as print and electronic media such as newspapers and magazines.
Department of Work and Business The Department of Work and Business supports Eragian workers rights as well as business compliance with Eragian laws. The Department also handles foreign businesses active in Eragia.


Presidential elections are held once every 6 months, on the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice of each year. The elections for the Senate take place at the same time. The position of President of the Senate is not elected, but appointed by the President of the Federated Republics.

Elections for the People's Assembly are held once every three months, on each of the four equinoxes. Unlike with Senate elections, Representatives of the People's Assembly do not have party affiliations, with all candidates running as independents.

Political parties

Any person may found a political party by registering with the Federal Electoral Agency and may run for elections if they are registered at least three weeks before election day. Parties must all have unique names, slogans and logos.

There is currently only one political party active in Eragia, Vanguard for Freedom.

Foreign Relations

As the Federated Republics of Eragia have only regained control of their foreign affairs, the nation has very few relationships with foreign nations, with currently only one nation in the process of gaining relations with Eragia and no currently active treaties. The Federated Republics is, however, a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational.

The Federated Republics is also signatory to the Treaty on the Establishment of a Nemkhav Union, meaning it accepts the Nemkhav Mark as legal tender and maintain the Nemkhav Supreme Court as Eragia's Court of Final Appeal. Due to the Treaty, Eragia's foreign policy is based around the Policy of Peaceful Existence.


View over part of the Republic of Central (Republic of Wild viewable in background)

Eragia has a fairly varied climate with long, cold winters and short and occasionally warm summers, with wet springs and autumns. The nation's flora is very diverse, with plants and trees growing in Central as varied as apple trees to carrots to roses. The Republic of Wild has a more limited range of flora, the most common being the fir tree, though the Department of Agriculture plans to overhaul the area, introducing knew plant life to the area.

The Federated Republics has a rather limited range of fauna, with the most common being blackbirds and the border collie. Occasionally, other birds can be seen in the nation, and rarely, cats.


As a federation, Eragia is made up of several small states of which there are two types, Federated Eragian Republics and Semi-Autonomous Regions. Currently there are three states in Eragia, two Republics and one Semi-Autonomous Region.

Name Type Population Senators Notes
Republic of Central Federated Eragian Republic 3 Vacant Capital state of the Federated Republics.
Republic of Wild Federated Eragian Republic 1 Vacant
Empire of Quenya Semi-Autonomous Region 4 Vacant


Eragia has a small but growing economy, mainly centered around media. The largest corporation within the Federated Republics is the state funded Free Media Corporation, which owns the FRETV and FRERadio networks as well as producing Eragia's physical newspaper, the Eragian Herald.

The Federated Republics accept two currencies as legal tender, the Nemkhav Mark, as required by the Treaty on the Establishment of a Nemkhav Union, and the Eragian Micro. The Eragian Micro is used primarily in trading and business within Eragia, while the Mark is used in trading internationally with other signatories of the Nemkhav Union Treaty. The Micro is pegged on a 1:1 exchange rate with the Nemkhav Mark.


A collection of books in the Eragian National Library.

The Federated Republics has a varied culture, and is home to many different believes, traditions and values. Mainstream Eragian culture is largely Westernized, with most popular media, music and literature being Western in origin. Overall, Eragian culture is closer to that of Europe than to America, understandably due to Eragia's European location. A notable exception to this, however, is film, with almost all film imports being created by Hollywood. The most popular book genre in Eragia is fantasy fiction, with crime fiction coming in a close second. Other popular genres include autobiographies and comedy. Pop-rock is the most popular genre of music within Eragia, with heavy metal and alternative also widespread.

Eragian cuisine is similar to other Western countries, with chicken being one of the most popular meats and consumption of junk food such as crisps and sweets also high. Energy drinks and other fizzy juices are very popular in the nation, with the vast majority of Eragians consuming at least a glass of on a daily basis. Barbecue foods, such as sausage and burgers also play an important role in Eragian cuisine.

Football is the most popular sport in Eragia, with rugby and hockey also holding considerable fan-bases. Cricket and golf are also fairly popular, though less so than football and rugby. Gridiron football and baseball are fringe sports in Eragia, with less a quarter of the population supporting the sports.