Unified Republics of Thantias

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Unified Republics of Thantias
Coat of arms
Motto: "Validus quod Constans"
Anthem: (Under Construction)
CapitalCapitallia, Upland
Largest cityOutland City, Outland
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
• First Senator
Shonagh McKinlay
• President
Ben McKinlay
• Census
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations and the Union of Micronations

The Unified Republics of Thantias was micronation founded on 16 April 2011 after the collapse of the Benoomian Empire. Thantias was originally a republic, and was called the Unified Republic of Thantias, until the First Reformation, when it transformed into a Federation. The nation was succeeded by Eragia in 2012.


The name 'Thantias' came from a name generation, which created the name Thantia. Ben McKinlay then added the S and Thantias was born.



The Collapse of Benoom

On the 15th of February 2011, a group of Benoomians banded together to become the New Benoomian Sect which aimed to overthrow the Emperor, and sought unification with the Republic of Samton. After 12 hours of battle and siege, the Emperor finally resigned and began negotiations with the Presidentess of Samton to seek unification.

The Unification Begins

Ex-Emperor Ben McKinlay was elected Leader of the Unification Group as he was the one who the Presidentess was most likely to listen to. After hours of negotiation, it was finally decided that the Unification would go ahead.

The Unified Republic

After the negotiations were finished, Ben McKinlay began drafting a new constitution for the new Republic that was reviewed and passed after several hours of discussion. The hardest part of this Unification was the name, but eventually one was decided on. Thantias.

The Early Days

The early days of the Unified Republics of Thantias was fairly inactive, although some democratic relations were reached. The most noticeable thing that happened in this period was seeking a treaty with A1 but Thantias never heard back so it did not go through. Eventually, the then Premier of the Republic, Ben McKinlay, was annoyed at the inactivity and arranged a reformation.

The First Reformation

The Premier spend many days making a new constitution and thinking up new and innovating ideas for Thantias. The future looked bright. Election Day came around the Ben McKinlay was elected President of the Unified Republics. As well as this, the Republic was declared a federation and became the Unified Republics of Thantias, plural.

The Decline

The Reformation did not as planned however, and the President's plans did not go ahead. Many plans, such as the NIC's, were postponed, and others, like the Rocket Program, never got started. This annoyed both the people and the President so the Second Thantian Reformation began.

The Second Reformation

On the 21st of June 2011 the President officially started the reformation, though in reality this started several days ago when the President started using Skype. The Reformation introduced new currencies, and the NIC's were finally rolled out, much to the pleasure of the President. As well as this, the Republics joined the Organization of United Micronations and Ben McKinlay became Vice-Chancellor.


The government of the Unified Republics of Thantias consists of several levels, Federal Government and State Government, as well as the Congress and the Diplomatic Council.

Federal Government

The main legistature of the Unified Republics is the Senate. The Senate makes nation-wide laws, which must be enforced in all States.

State Government

Each individual State of the Unified Republics can decide on smaller laws, and conduct their own diplomacy if they request it.


The Congress of the Unified Republics is the citizens representative body of Thantias. Any citizen may join and voice their ideas and concerns to the Senate.

Diplomatic Council


The Thantian Military has several different branches, including the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. These sections have both physical and Micrasian sections.


Thantias has a small but sustainable economy, with several small industries. The main industry in Thantias is news, with the largest corporation in Thantias being the Unified Republics News Corporations, owners of the Thantian Gazette and producers of URTV News and URRadio News.


Thantias has a strong culture of festivals and music. Many Thantians also love sport, and reading is many a Thantian favourite pastime.

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