Commonwealth of Rudno

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Commonwealth of Rudno
Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh
Rudno Flag.png
National Flag (Symbols)
Anthem: Drogt Gedochte
Gum bith iad uile nan aon
Capital Kirkburgh

Official language Gaelic, Rudnish

Demonym Rudnish

Government Pragmatism
Steward Sebastian Linden
Legislature Mòd a' Phobuill

Proclamation 8 November 2014
Reconstitution TBC

Area claimed pending survey

Population 2

Currency 1 merk (ℳ)
= 20 groats (ᵹ)
= 240 pence (ꞅ)

Time zone UTC, BST (UTC+1)

Country code rdn, rd

Internet TLD .rd (proposed)

Drives on the Left

Date formats dd/mm/yyyy

The Commonwealth of Rudno (Gaelic: Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh) is a micronation located on the island of Great Britain.