Hail Amager, Hail

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Hail Amager, Hail
(Hail Amager, Ave)

National Psalm and anthem of Amager
LyricsLuke Albertschine, 2012
MusicMarc-Antoine Charpentier , 1690

Hail Amager, Hail is the national anthem of Amager. It is and has been frequently sung at patriotic events. The anthem is set to the Te Deum Prelude by Marc-Antoine Charpentier.


United is our nation Amager,

United in diversity!

And henceforth shall it be,

Glorious and free!

Hail Amager motherland!

You are abundant!

With rolling hills and clear waters,

Prosperity reigns free!

Hail nation, born of peace!

Let God save thee!

Now and forever more!


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