National People's Army (Lewisham Democratic Republic)

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National People's Army
Nationale Volksarmee
Insignia of the NPA
Active 2011-Present
Country Lewisham Democratic Republic (Nemkhavia)
Role Armed Forces
Border Guards
Size 9
Garrison/HQ Republic of Leestan
Motto "Forward!"
Chief of Staff Alex Ulbricht
Head Border Guard Rory K

The National People's Army (NPA) (German: Nationale Volksarmee - NVA) is tasked with the defence of the Republic and Socialism when the Lewisham Democratic Republic comes under direct military attack. It is a force made up of volunteers from the population of the LDR. It is also responsible for the integrity of the borders of the LDR and in times of peace the entire service takes on the role of a border protection force.

The NPA is made up of 2 Branches:

  • Ground Forces (Landstreitkräfte)
  • Border Troops of the LDR (Grenztruppen der LDR)

Ground Forces

The Ground Forces are the main defensive force of the LDR. It is available to be called upon by the LDR's central government at times of war and is also available to be put under the command of the Nemkhav Defence Forces if the Nemkhav Federation itself comes under attack from an external force. It had been made clear during the foundation of the NPA that it would never be deployed on the streets of the LDR unless the state itself was at risk and if so it would remain on the streets for a limited period and then its role would have to be fulfilled by the Federal Police Force.

Rank Stucture of the Ground Forces

Insignia: NPA1.gif NPA2.gif NPA3.gif NPA4.gif NPA5.gif NPA6.gif
Title: Private Under Officer Lieutenant Captain Colonel General
German: Soldat Unteroffizier Leutnant Hauptmann Oberst Armeegeneral
A picture taken by a Border Guard in Berlin shortly before commenting, "we should have a system like that"

Border Troops of the LDR

View from a Guard tower in front of the Presidential Palace at night

The Border Troops of the Lewisham Democratic Republic, in German Grenztruppen der LDR, are the smaller part of the NPA and the primary force for guarding the border between the LDR (and therefore Nemkhavia) and the United Kingdom. The Border Troops currently number at 3 and are tasked with patrolling the border and checking travel documents of all of those entering the country officially. However due to a lack of staff they usually guard the area around the seat of government, issue travel documents to citizens wishing to leave the country for short periods of time and check identity papers/visa of foreign nationals entering the country.