Teddy Populescu

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The Honourable
Teddy Populescu
12th Prime Minister of Juclandia
In office
1 January 2013 - 1 January 2016
King Ciprian
President Gori Jucărescu
Ovia Bogi
Predecessor Iepurica Democrescu
Successor Gori Jucărescu
General Secretary of the Popular Unity Front
In office
6 April 2014 - 30 May 2016
Successor Ovia Bogi
Personal information
Born 2009
Political party Popular Unity Front
Communist Party of Juclandia (until 2014)
Residence Jucărești, Juclandia
Profession Economist
Religion Secular Association of Juclandia

Teddy Populescu (naturalised May 2009) is a Juclandian economist and one of the main theorists of the contemporary Juclandian economic system, having been elected as the first Prime Minister of Juclandia to come from the Communist Party. He is among the longest-serving Prime Ministers, and is expected to surpass in length the second Cabinet of Bestia Reformescu, his cabinet being expected to become the longest-serving one in the history of Juclandia.

Throughout his career as a Prime Minister, Teddy has pursued policies mainly in the field of economics. He has overseen important development, and an economic growth of 65.9% during his first year in office, along with improved infrastructure and new building projects. He has also overseen the modernisation of the agricultural sector in Lenia and the Juclandian territory of Grădinari, being known for his government's close cooperation with the authorities in Lenia.

During his time in office, the Kingdom of Juclandia has joined the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, in which the country was joined by seven other states. At the same time, the Kingdom lost the state of Lenia and the overseas territories of Sabia and Verona, Tianita, Frieden and Ayrshire.

Personal life

Populescu immigrated to Juclandia in 2009, and he was naturalised as citizen of the young republic in the month of May of the same year. He has formed with his friends the first co-operative of Juclandia, called Libertatea Poporului (lit. Freedom of the People), now found under the name Orizont.

He always had a very strong sense of friendship with his fellows in the co-operative, but he never entered into any relationship. In March 2013, when his government implemented the Civil Union Act 2013, he was the only government member to be personally skeptical about the move, and he was quoted in private as saying "it is stupid for the state to promote relationships and romance. We should only care about our work and our personal happiness".

Populescu lives in his apartment in the Vedado building (owned by his Orizont co-operative) on the 23rd of August Avenue in Jucărești.

Political career

Teddy is one of the most combative politicians in Juclandia, and he is considered widely popular among the wealthier co-operatives. In most opinion polls, he is considered the most popular Juclandian after Gori Jucărescu, with an average popularity rate of around 55-60%.

He joined the Communist Party of Juclandia after he was naturalised, and quickly rose among the party's rank to become First Secretary of the Party in September 2010, after Juclandia became a constitutional monarchy. He was elected to the Great National Assembly, and later, to the Assembly of Deputies, ever since 2010, and it is widely considered to be the single person responsible for the Communist Party's excellent electoral scores. The party has always strategically put him on the 4th or 5th position on the electoral list in order to get people to vote for the party so Teddy can be elected.

Populescu became a member of the Great National Assembly in the 2012 parliamentary election on the ticket of the National Workers' Bloc, an alliance of the Socialist, the Communist and the National Reform parties. After the 2013 election, Populescu successfully managed to form a coalition government between his party and the Socialist and the Liberal parties.


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