Juclandian general election, 2018

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Juclandian presidential election, 2018

2016 ←
On or before 10 August 2018
→ 2020


Candidate Ovia Bogi
Party Popular Unity

Running mate Cocolino Jucărescu

Incumbent President

Ovia Bogi
Popular Unity

General elections to elect the Presidency of Juclandia and the Council of State will be held in Juclandia before 10 August 2018.

Electoral system

The President and the Vice President of the Council of State are elected on the same ticket, using a two-round system. The system of nominations is based on individual will, rather than political will. It is thus possible for a party to file several candidates if it cannot agree on a common one. This was the case in the 2014 and 2016 elections, when the United Revolutionary Front filed several candidates.

The Council of State is elected using the first-past-the-post system in 12 single-member constituencies. As the constituencies are shaped along the 12 co-operatives of Juclandia, the constituencies are usually considered to be safe seats for one party or another.


  • Incumbent President Ovia Bogi is eligible to stand for re-election. On 22 February 2018, she publicly announced that she will run along with her Vice President. Bogi mentioned that these will be the last presidential elections in which she will run, if elected.[1]

Opinion polling


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