Bank of Juclandia

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Bank of Juclandia
Banca Juclandiei
Logo of the bank

Headquarters Jucărești

Central Bank of Juclandia
Currency Juclandian leu
Currency Code JCL

Governor Bursuc Novac
Vice-Governor Iepure Novac
Secretary Avinelis Baranin

Establishment 2008

Website Bank of Juclandia

The Bank of Juclandia is the central bank of Juclandia, as well as the country's sole banker and the owner of the national payments system SNEP. Its headquarters are found in the capital city of Jucărești, next to the Royal Palace. The bank was founded in 2008 as the country's central bank. In 2018, it received enhanced competences as the only institution allowed to manage the country's payments system, SNEP, and the only institution to handle the bank accounts of the population.

Bursuc Novac is the governor of the Bank of Juclandia. Initially nominated by the government in 2008, he was re-appointed by the Great National Assembly in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.

Before the banking reform of 2018, the bank was known as the National Bank of Juclandia (Romanian: Banca Naţională a Juclandiei, BNJ).


The main tasks of the National Bank of Juclandia are the following:

  1. to supervise the financial sector of the Juclandian economy and the banking activity in Juclandia
  2. to define and implement the monetary policy and the exchange rate policy;
  3. to issue banknotes and coins as legal tender on the territory of Juclandia;
  4. to set the exchange rate regime and to supervise its observance;
  5. to manage the official reserves of Juclandia.

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