Democratic Party (Juclandia)

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Democratic Party
Partidul Democrat
Last presidentIepurica Democrescu
Founded24 October 2005
Dissolved7 June 2015
Merged intoUnited Revolutionary Front
Membership (2013)15
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Political positionCenter-right
International affiliationConservative Union

The Democratic Party was a centre-right political party in Juclandia that officially adhered to the philosophies of conservatism and classical liberalism. Before the Juclandian political crisis of 2013, it was the country's second largest political party.

The Democratic Party supported a free-market economy under a capitalist system and was against the principles of state involvement in the economy under any form. Iepurica Democrescu, the party's last president, is the founder of the Juclandian co-operative economy.

After May 2013, the party was slowly integrated in the United Revolutionary Front, a new political movement. In June 2015, the party was finally legally dissolved and merged into the Front, which became a political party itself.


The party was founded in 2005 by dissident members of the Communist Christian-Democratic Party that did not agree with the party's economic and social policies. Its founding was seen as a blow to the complete-control of the CCDP of politics in the Socialist Democratic State of Toys.

At the 2005 election the party managed to get to the second place, being separated from the CCDP only by some votes. This has made then-President Ciprian C. Jucărești nominate Pisica Democrescu as Prime Minister of Juclandia. It was the first time the office of Prime Minister was being held by a party other than the CCDP. After problems with governing the country, a snap election was called in March 2006, where the Communist Christian-Democratic Party won by a large margin, pushing the Democratic Party into opposition. A political crisis emerged and a snap election was called again in July 2006, where the Democratic Party won again at the expense of the National Reform Party this time. The nominated Prime Minister, Gori Jucărescu, decided to pursue a coalition government with the Democrats and thus the political crisis ended.

Between 2006 and 2011 the party continued to form coalition or grand coalition agreements with the Socialists and other minor parties, a fact that made the Democrats lose their importance on the political scene. In 2010, new Party leader Iepurica Democrescu started pursuing a policy of anti-Socialism, and made the Democrats distance themselves from any left-wing party. The actions of the party leader culminated with the December 2011 election, when the right-wing coalition between the Democrats and the New Democracy Party won a plurality. Along with the support of the Liberals, the right-wing managed to form the first right-wing only government in the history of Juclandia.


The Democratic Party leadership is comprised of the Party leader and the Party President, which may either be two different persons or the same.

The Presidents of the Party were as follows:

  1. Pisica Democrescu (October 24, 2005 - April 12, 2013)
  2. Iepurica Democrescu (April 12, 2013 - 7 June 2015)

As Leaders of the party the following persons served:

  1. Pisica Democrescu (October 24, 2005 - June 2008)
  2. Iepurica Democrescu (June 2008 - 7 June 2015)

Electoral performance

Election Votes Vote % Seats Seat % Outcome of election
2008 21 19.6% 4 20.0% Socialist plurality / In opposition
2009 26 20.8% 5 20.0% Socialist plurality / In coalition with socialists and Liberals
2010 46 24.7% 7 26.9% Socialist plurality / In coalition with Socialists and Liberals
2011 51 28.5% 8 26.7% Conservative plurality / In opposition
2012 36 21.3% 6 20.0% Socialist plurality / In coalition government with Liberals and Christian Democrats
2013 38 23.3% 6 24.0% Socialist plurality / In opposition

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