Church of Juclandia

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Church of Juclandia
Biserica Juclandiei
Patriarchate of Juclandia

Founder Bartholomeos I, Ciprian
Founded August 2008
Primate Bartholomeos II, Patriarch of all Juclandia
Headquarters Jucărești
Territory Juclandia
Language Romanian
Members 114
Bishops 3
Website Church of Juclandia

The Church of Juclandia (Romanian: Biserica Juclandiei), also called the Juclandian Patriarchate, is the officially-established Eastern Christian church of the Juclandian Pragma. The Primate of the church has the title of Patriarch. Its jurisdiction covers the territory of Juclandia, but it is not recognised by the canonical Orthodox churches.

The Church of Juclandia is, along with the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Church of Plushunia, one of the only three Churches in the Eastern Rite exclusively using a Romance language. The majority of the people in Juclandia belong to it, it being the only religious denomination in Juclandia. The church is not in communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople or with any Orthodox Church, and since 2015 has avoided using the term "Orthodox" to describe itself. The Statute of the Church of Juclandia uses the Christian description of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Some adherents of the Church sometimes refer to it as Dreapta credinţă ("right/correct belief" or "true faith").

The Church of Juclandia is the only religious institution to be recognised by the Juclandian state. Its recognition is given by Article 12 of the Constitution, which establishes Eastern Christianity as the national religion of the Kingdom. However, the same article gives recognition to the Secular Association of Juclandia, a non-religious association that gathers atheists, agnostics and other irreligious individuals.


Relations with the State


Leaders of the Church

Patriarch of all Juclandia

Patriarch Bartholomeos II of Juclandia

Style: His Beatitude
Residence: Jucărești
First Patriarch: Bartholomeos I
Formation: 2008

The statute of the Church provides that the leadership does not consist of one person, the Patriarch being merely a primus inter pares among the members of the Synod. The Holy Synod of the Juclandian Orthodox Church consists of all the bishops of the Church, regardless of their rank.

The current membership of the Holy Synod consists of:

  • His Beatitude Bartholomeos II of Juclandia, Patriarch of All Juclandia and Metropolitan of Jucăreni
  • His Eminence Theodosius, Metropolitan of Floral
  • His Eminence Bartholomeos I, Metropolitan of Nisipești

Former leaders

Portrait Name Took office Left office Notes
1 HB Bartholomeos I Spring 2008 August 2008 The first Patriarch of Juclandia, founded the church along with HM Ciprian, King of the Juclandians (honorary title, did not hold any political power nor did it have any relationship to the state) and HE Bartholomeos II (then called Cățelușu I), Metropolitan of Floral). Held the title Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of SSDR.
HM King Ciprian August 2008 August 2008 Locum tenens of the throne of the Church as King of the Juclandians, was never ordinated as priest. Held the title Locum tenens of the throne of the Orthodox Church of SSDR.
2 HB Bartholomeos II August 2008 present Elected Patriarch after 23 August 2008, the first to hold the title Patriarch of All Juclandia.

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