Holy Apostolic Church of the God Warrior

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Holy Apostolic Church of the God Warrior

Whestcorean religious propaganda

Founder Rainbow Gordon Bennett
Founded October 2015
Country of foundation Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Emissary of God Warrior Rainbow Gordon Bennett
(Technical Whestcorean monarch)
Holy location Southern states of the USA
Language English

The Holy Apostolic Church of the God Warrior, sometimes abbreviated to "Church of the God Warrior", is a religion dedicated to veneration of the God Warrior and is the semi-official state religion of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea.

The Church of the God Warrior's de jure holy leader is the God Warrior Herself, though due to geographical concerns the Church's de facto holy leader is Rainbow Gordon Bennett, technical monarch of Whestcorea, who acts as an emissary and a medium for God Warrior. In order for any party to attempt to form a government, they must first seek approval from the monarchy, as in the UK system. The monarch is also responsible for appointing people to the House of Patricians.

Belief system

The Church of the God Warrior has no set in stone belief system, though a number of unofficial tenets of God Warrior worship do exist:

  • It is the responsibility of every human being to avoid "dark-sided" mannerisms. To this end, they should avoid people and places they perceive to be "ungodly".
  • Free triple bypass surgery should be an inalienable right.
  • There is no cure for dark-sidedness.
  • You should definitely attempt to convert as many people as possible to your religion without considering their personal beliefs and ideologies first. You are completely within your rights to get angry if this doesn't work.[1]