Antae Coven

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Antae Coven
A deep red triskele, the symbol of the Antae Coven

Founder Nicholas Kaos
Founded January 2018
Headquarters Con, Pacem
Language English, Irish Gaelic, Icelandic
Members 1

The Antae Coven ( Irish: Ársa Cóimeáil, Icelandic: Forn Samkoma ), quite literally known as the Ancient Assembly due to the various beliefs held, is a polytheistic religious group formed by Nicholas Kaos inspired by the Old Norse religion and the Celtic polytheism beliefs of nature. The religious group's beliefs are official within the Second Empire of Pacem, however, never influence the people in their everyday lives, as they are reserved a freedom of religion.


The history of the coven follows Nicholas Kaos closely, starting in 2016 with his interest in various religions after recently abandoning Christianity and prior to that Judaism, and giving up on the Abrahamic religions entirely. For several months he toyed religions such as LeVeyan Satanism and Universalism, however, none seemed to fit the religious needs of Kaos. In mid-2017, the Moon Flower Coven was formed, with Kaos being a founder along side Lorelai B. and High Priestess Alyssa, two American witches. This built up Kaos' fascination with Celtic and Norse culture, which had been toyed with in the December of 2017 with study of the two cultures. Eventually, due to issues during 2017 and 2018, Kaos relieved his religious needs by officially forming the Antae Coven on 15 January 2018.

On the 30 January 2019, the coven began going through reformations in alignment with Kaos' beliefs. Due to a change in Kaos' religious beliefs, the Coven was officially disestablished on 4 April 2019.


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